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Unique Bicomponent Sole in New Shoes from Swedish Arbesko

September 10, 2013

REBRO, Sweden, September 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

The Swedish safety and occupational footwear manufacturer Arbesko has developed a
brand new sole, SoftGrip , and introduces it in four new models. The sole is a bicomponent
sole and provides extremely good grip but is yet soft and comfortable. Two of the new
models also have sides of a ventilating polyamide net, which literally lets you see right
through the shoe.

New bicomponent sole – SoftGrip

The truly revolutionary aspect of Arbesko new models is the new sole SoftGrip. It is a
bicomponent sole with polyurethane, PU, on top to provide elasticity and comfort.
The outsole is made of TPU, thermoplastic urethane, which provides durability and
tremendous grip. SoftGrip was developed by Arbesko.

        - SoftGrip is exactly what it says, both comfort and grip, says Peter
          Svensson, Business Manager at Arbesko. You can hardly even compare a traditional
          outsole with it, either in grip or comfort. SoftGrip is a new generation.

Scandinavian design provides choice of shoes as safe as cool

In order to cool the foot while protecting it, the sides of Arbesko’s new models 380
and 384 are made of a ventilating polyamide net right down to the sole. This allows air to
enter below the arch of the foot. The other new models, 381 and 383, are heavier but still
cool thanks to the lining of airy and moist transporting mesh. Besides aluminium toe cap,
which is also available in 380 and 384, the 381 and 383 are equipped with soft metal free
penetration protection. Thanks to Arbesko you can keep cool no matter what protection
level your work place demands of your shoes.

Developed and manufactured in Sweden

Arbesko is a Swedish family company founded in 1839 with their development and
manufacturing in Sweden. The company has a constant research and development, which was
further intensified in recent years. The result of their development includes news
SoftGrip and the X-40 insert that provides up to 40% better resilience. All four new
models come with the X-40 insert for extra comfort.

Download high resolution images of Arbesko 380, with ventilating polyamide net all the
way down to the sole:


        For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us
        Peter Svensson, +46-019-30-66-08, peter.svensson@arbesko.se
        Martin Ruist, +46-0739-32-12-62, press@arbesko.se

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