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Neptec Technologies Corp. successfully demonstrates OPAL-360 LiDAR scanner on an operating shovel at a Nevada mine

September 18, 2013

OTTAWA, Sept. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Neptec Technologies Corp., a leading
developer of innovative 3D robotic vision products, today announced the
successful demonstration of its OPAL-360 obscurant-penetrating LiDAR
scanner at Barrick Gold Corp.’s Goldstrike mine in Nevada. The OPAL-360
was mounted on a P&H 4100 shovel and collected real-time 3D data during
loading operations in the mine. “Subjecting our OPAL scanners to the
dusty, vibration- and shock-intense real-world operating environment of
mining equipment is a major proof point for us,” said Mike Sekerka,
Chief Operating Officer at Neptec Technologies. “The testing at
Goldstrike went off without a hitch.”

The Goldstrike demonstration of OPAL is part of a collaborate initiative
involving Neptec, Barrick, Teck Resources Ltd., Peck Teck Consulting
Ltd. and others to develop intelligent automation solutions in the
complex loading area of open pit mines. OPAL 2.0 laser scanners, which
incorporate Neptec’s patented obscurant-penetrating LiDAR technology,
are specifically designed for real-time applications in harsh
environments like mining.

“We are looking to technologies like OPAL and 3DRi to help us improve
the safety, productivity and process control of our mining operations,”
said Andrew Scott, Barrick’s Director of Mining Information Technology
and Automation. “Neptec’s commercialization program, aimed at bringing proven Space technologies
developed for the Canadian Space Agency and NASA into other industries,
shows how innovations from outside the traditional mining technology
community can be applied to real, high-value problems in our industry.”

“When the government of Canada chose to participate in the exploration
of Space, few people would have predicted that the resulting technology
innovations would one day make mining operations safer and more
profitable,” said Paul Nephin, Chairman and a founder of Neptec
Technologies. “The OPAL scanner is a perfect example of how Canadian
government investment in innovation in the Space program benefits other
industries and builds a stronger economy by creating new products, jobs
and global export opportunities for Canadians.”

“This initiative is about improving productivity and safety, and
mitigating the chronic skills shortages in our industry,” said Peter
Wan, Principal Advisor on Mining Technology at Teck. “We are very
encouraged by the performance of Neptec’s OPAL and are looking forward
to the next phase as Neptec develops a truck spotting solution for us.”

Neptec Technologies recently presented results of the Goldstrike
demonstration at ISARC 2013 in Montreal. Additional information is
available from www.neptectechnologies.com.

About Neptec Technologies Corp.

Neptec Technologies Corp. develops innovative 3D machine vision products
for machine automation and robotics applications in harsh
environments. The company was founded in 2011 to commercialize
space-technologies developed by Neptec Design Group Ltd., an
award-winning space flight technology company and NASA prime
contractor. Our first products are a family of obscurant-penetrating
laser scanners (OPAL) and a software development tool kit (3DRi) with
advanced features such as automatic change detection and object
recognition and tracking. Together, these out-of-the-box “building
blocks” make it easy to integrate intelligent real-time machine vision
applications on autonomous off-road vehicles, and for more familiar
LiDAR-based survey and measurement tasks in harsh environments. The
company is located in Kanata, Ontario. For more information, visit www.neptectechnologies.com

About Barrick Gold Corporation

Barrick is the gold industry leader. Based in Toronto, the company
operates mines and advanced exploration and development projects on
four continents. Shares are traded on the Toronto and New York stock
exchanges under the symbol ABX. The company has been ranked as a world
leader in social and environmental responsibility for five consecutive
years by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, and is also listed on the
NASDAQ Global Sustainability Index of the top 100 companies, and
Corporate Knights Magazine’s Global 100 list of the world’s most
sustainable companies. For more information, visit www.barrick.com.

About Teck Resources Limited

Teck is a diversified resource company committed to responsible mining
and mineral development with major business units focused on copper,
steelmaking coal, zinc and energy. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada,
its shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbols
TCK.A and TCK.B and the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol TCK.
Further information about Teck can be found at www.teck.com.

About Peck Tech Consulting Ltd.

Peck Tech Consulting Ltd. is the leading industry resource to rapidly
assist customers to define the most viable and complete technology
solution and strategy that delivers tangible and measurable outcomes
related to higher overall health and safety as well as enhanced
performance and productivity. Combined, Peck Teck employees and
associates offer 100 years of project consulting and development
experience and innovation derived from working on technology product
development and deployment on production and exploration drills,
electric cable shovels, hydraulic excavators, haul trucks and drag
lines. More information is available at www.pecktech.ca.

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