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Thomson Airways Retains IFE Services as its Content Service Provider

September 19, 2013

KNUTSFORD, England, September 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

IFE Services, one of the world’s leading in-flight entertainment
[http://www.ifeservices.com/services/in-flight-entertainment ] (IFE) companies, has been
retained by Thomson Airways as its content service provider.

IFE Services has been Thomson Airways’ IFE supplier for over five years and will now
continue to provide the airline with a rich content mix of Blockbuster Hollywood movies
[http://www.ifeservices.com/services/in-flight-entertainment/movies ], TV programmes,
radio channels and music albums. The content will be available for passengers to enjoy
across the airline’s fleet of B767 and B787 aircraft. IFE Services will also manage all of
the airline’s digital encoding and AVOD file management requirements. To promote the
available IFE onboard to passengers, IFE Services will produce a printed entertainment

In June 2012, the company announced that it had designed the user interface
[http://www.ifeservices.com/services/production/interface-design-and-guis ] for Thomson
Airways’ new Dreamliner entertainment system.

Thomson Airways, the airline for Thomson and First Choice, is the UK’s third largest
airline. With a fleet of 61 aircraft consisting of the Boeing 737, 757, 767 and 787, it
serves 22 UK airports taking over five and a half million customers away each year and
operates to 88 destinations in 30 countries.

For more information about Thomson Airways visit: http://www.thomson.co.uk
[\\lonpivdocs\redocs\2013\www.thomson.co.uk ]

For more information about IFE Services [http://www.ifeservices.com/about-us ] visit:
http://www.ifeservices.com [\\lonpivdocs\redocs\2013\www.ifeservices.com ]

About IFE Services

IFE Services is a leading provider of in-flight entertainment solutions to the airline
industry. Its focus on quality and innovation is supported by a strong commitment to
customer service and investment in the latest systems and technologies.

IFE Services supplies a full range of services to enable its clients to provide a
first class entertainment experience to passengers. They include movies, TV programmes,
audio, games, 3D map, apps, safety and destination films, portable entertainment systems,
onboard publications and AVOD technical support and management.

IFE Services works with a broad client-base worldwide of over 50 airlines and cruise
ship operators. The company’s headquarters are in Cheshire, UK with regional offices
located in Madrid, Singapore, Santiago, Sao Paulo, Nairobi, Kuala Lumpur, Oberhausen,
Johannesburg and Irvine, California.

IFE Services is a privately owned company and part of the Travel Entertainment Group.

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        Tel: +44(0)1565-752-793
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