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Scientific Biofilm Solutions Introduces Ultimate Specialized Bath Tub Cleaner Oh Yuk to Combat One of the Most Overlooked Sources of Mold and Bacteria in the Home

October 1, 2013

MAPLEWOOD, Minn., Oct. 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The battle against mold and bacteria in homes is a never-ending struggle for most people. Wiping out all the bacteria, viruses and mold that grow in warm, dark places remains one of the fiercest challenges in house cleaning. Sick children, respiratory illnesses, mold problems, etc. — all of this may come from using a jetted bath tub.

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Jetted bathtubs have plumbing lines that run under the tub. These lines are full of warm stagnant water that is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, mold and biofilm development. Biofilm, the slime seen in the lines, develops a complex matrix and it takes specialized cleaners like Oh Yuk to safely and effectively keep plumbing lines clean so biofilm, mold and bacteria don’t start growing.

If cleaned properly, the tubs are perfectly safe to use. It takes a comprehensive cleaner like Oh Yuk to effectively, and safely, remove and clean the contaminants that come off of the body while bathing. Homeopathic cleaning methods like vinegar, bleach, dishwasher detergents, lemons and other standard household cleaners will not effectively clean the plumbing lines, leaving the tub with very high levels of mold, bacteria and other nasty contaminants.

There is new cleaning…

New cleaning technology, and research by very reputable academic institutions such as the University of Bozeman’s Center for Biofilm Engineering, Texas A & M University and other prestigious locations, supports the case for specific types of cleaners to properly clean jetted tubs.

Oh Yuk by Scientific Biofilm Solutions is a cleaner that has been largely used in the lodging industry to clean their Jacuzzi suites.

We have thoroughly tested Oh Yuk in laboratories and against competing brands to ensure we have the best product out there,” said a technician from Scientific Biofilm Solutions. “We changed our formula in July of 2013. We literally tested about 200 new formulations to guarantee that we provide the most thoroughly tested, exhaustive cleaner on the market.

“Our goals for the formula revision were to be highly effective; provide the safest, cleanest water for bathers; for the product to clean in only 5-15 minutes; and to be low foaming so the tub could be cleaned as soon as it is drained.”

Biofilm is the main problem in jetted bathtubs that aren’t cleaned properly. Biofilm forms a protective shield protecting bacteria and other contaminants from standard cleaning chemicals. If the plumbing lines are free of biofilm, the tubs will be clean and safe to use.

Go ahead, relax and enjoy the ideal jetted bathtub experience.


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