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East Coast Homeowners Look to Pultruded Fiberglass Siding With Ultrex as a Better Defense Against Nor’easters and Hurricanes

October 9, 2013

MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — As the East Coast continues to climb out of the tragic damage caused by last year’s Superstorm Sandy, many homeowners are wondering if there’s a better alternative to the wood, vinyl, fiber cement, and aluminum siding products that experienced significant damage from the pounding rain, high winds, blowing sand produced by Sandy.

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According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Atlantic Coast experiences an average of 12 named tropical storms, sub-tropical storms and hurricanes annually, based on a 30-year average. As the Atlantic Coast heads into the peak of hurricane season, many homeowners stretching from Maine to South Carolina, who need to replace or repair the siding on their homes are considering a new alternative to traditional siding choices – a siding product that is building a reputation for its toughness, beauty, and proven ability to manage moisture. That answer: APEX pultruded fiberglass siding and trim made from Ultrex.

APEX® siding and trim is designed, engineered and manufactured in Fargo, N.D. APEX Siding Systems is an affiliate of Marvin® Windows and Doors, a proven Minnesota-based company that’s been trusted for more 100 years. APEX pultruded fiberglass siding and trim is a new class of siding product that offers the toughness of fiber cement, the lightness of vinyl, and the long-lasting beauty of wood with less maintenance. The secret behind this combination of beauty and strength is Ultrex®, a pultruded fiberglass pioneered by Marvin® that has been used in residential and commercial construction for more than 20 years.

Designed for extreme weather conditions, APEX siding has been successfully tested to withstand a wide range of elements that homeowners must face who live along the Atlantic Coast. While no building can withstand every weather condition, as demonstrated on the new website, http://coastal.apexsiding.com, APEX siding offers the strength to withstand hail, blasting sand, pounding rain, and extreme temperatures ranging from 30 degrees below zero to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike vinyl siding, APEX siding resists warping, bubbling and becoming brittle at cold temperatures, and being damaged by water freezing or thawing.

One of the biggest challenges facing Atlantic Coast homeowners who need to replace home siding is the incredible amount of moisture generated during a Nor’easter or hurricane. For example, Superstorm Sandy dropped more than 9 inches of driving rain on parts of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. Some types of siding, such as fiber cement, wood and stucco, are more prone to absorbing or trapping moisture behind the siding, which can lead to further problems such as mold.

In contrast, APEX siding and trim has been specifically designed to repel and drain water and moisture. Its pultruded fiberglass material is combined with an innovative drainage system that helps prevent moisture from getting trapped behind the APEX siding and allows for ventilation and drainage. The APEX Siding design, combined with a code-approved moisture barrier, allows air to freely circulate — helping the home stay dry while significantly decreasing the occurrence of trapped moisture, which creates rot and mold.

With an expected life that eclipses wood or vinyl siding, APEX siding and trim offers incredible, lasting beauty to complement the rich, varied architecture of homes along the East Coast. APEX siding and trim is available in various widths and finishes in ten enduring colors. APEX siding and trim offers the look of freshly painted wood without the headaches and hassles of maintaining fiber cement or wood, such as caulking, scraping and painting. It is stronger than fiber cement, and its acrylic finish is four-times thicker than paint applied to fiber cement or wood, so it resists chipping, splintering, fading and warping.

“The harsh reality of owning a home along the Atlantic Coast is that you never know what curve ball Mother Nature is going to throw at your home. Homeowners who are planning to replace their siding due to normal wear and tear, or need to replace it because of storm damage, should consider APEX siding,” said John Gardner, director of sales and marketing for APEX Siding System. “It outperforms all other types of siding, including fiber cement, and its lasting beauty can enhance the resale value of your home for years to come.”

To learn more about the APEX Siding System for Atlantic Coast homes, visit http://coastal.apexsiding.com or call 888-215-1092.

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