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Handy Tank Debuts an Easy to Use Water Tank to Help Americans Save Water

October 10, 2013

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Handy Tank an iconic and accredited water tank manufacturer in Australia is launching their high quality water tanks in the USA to help household’s combat dry conditions.

Alastair Pryor, Director of Handy Tank says, “Most people don’t realize that North America is becoming the driest continent in the world. Global warming is causing extreme dry conditions and as climate change might exacerbate it, periods of droughts have become a serious issue in North America.

Finding a lack of local and national governments innovations to help with this issue, Alastair formed Handy Tank to create a simple and effective option for all homeowners. “Sadly, the use of unsustainable use of water is running in short supply. Every day water is being wasted. It costs the environment and it also costs money. I created Handytank because we need strategies for managing water in the 21st century and harvesting our rainwater used throughout our homes.”

Innovative and flexible in design Handy Tank water offers an effortless solution. The DIY Handytank(TM) is a high capacity PVC tank developed with the urban environment in mind, expect unlike other water tanks it comes in a flat box and will only take 10 minutes to assemble in almost any part of your outdoor space at home.

With over 800 million people in the world without clean drinking water, Handy Tank is donating 5% of their profits to Charity: water, an American based charity that supplies clean drinking water to third world countries.

For any household looking for a cost effective way to collect and save water, the DIY Handytank(TM) is the perfect solution. Ideal for watering gardens and lawns or washing cars, boats and paving or for utilising around the house — it is the cheapest and easiest option to help the environment and manager our water supply.

Save water and make a difference now.

About Handy Tank
Handy Tank is an American based company, selling water tanks across USA, and specialising in water and rainwater tanks. For more details, visit www.handytank.com

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