Appointment Reminder Company Implements Controversial “Spoofing” Techniques

October 17, 2013

AppointmentReminders.com, an online appointment reminder service for businesses, makes use of “Spoofing,” a technique often reserved for the most deceptive hackers, to allow their clients to send appointment reminders to their customers that generate from the clients caller ID or email address.

Denver, CO (PRWEB) October 17, 2013

“Spoofing” is used to change the origination address of an email document or phone call. It generally has a negative connotation because it is usually associated with hackers who are trying to disguise their email or caller ID in order to trick someone. Not to mention that the word “Spoofing” in itself implies some kind of trickery. By using spoofing techniques, a hacker can generate an email from any email address you can think of. Some email phishing schemes will use an origination email address of a popular bank or establishment in hopes that a few people will actually reply to it with their passwords, credit card info, or other private information.

However, email spoofing and caller ID spoofing can be utilized in a positive way as well.

“We allow email spoofing and caller ID spoofing in order to generate email reminders and phone call reminders that appear to originate from our clients businesses when in fact they originate from AppointmentReminders.com. This technique increases the value of the reminder to the end customer because they are getting reminders from the same company that is providing the service so they are more likely to read the email or answer the phone and receive their reminder.” –Jonah Langer (Owner of AppointmentReminders.com, LLC).

While spoofing with the intention of deceiving or doing harm is illegal, spoofing for legitimate reasons is legal in the US and Canada. When asked if he was concerned that someone may use AppointmentReminders.com to send spoofed emails or calls, Jonah gave the following response.

“We provide a service to legitimate businesses who primarily want to use our services to send appointment reminders to their customers. While it is certainly possible from a technical standpoint that someone could sign up for our service with the intention of doing harm, it is very unlikely that they would choose us. In order to take advantage of our spoofing services they would have to create a business account and pay for each reminder. Our free accounts do not offer spoofing. There are plenty of other sites out there that hackers are far more likely to choose for their nefarious schemes.”

About AppointmentReminders.com

AppointmentReminders.com is an online appointment reminder service for businesses. They specialize in providing phone call reminders, text message reminders, and email reminders in the United States and Canada.

AppointmentReminders.com, LLC

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