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Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies (SGT, Inc.) Announces Appointment of Senior Vice President of National Security Business Unit

October 25, 2013

GREENBELT, Md., Oct. 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — SGT, Inc., a leading provider of Science and Engineering Services today announced the appointment of Wayne Friedman as the Senior Vice President of National Security Business Unit.

Wayne Friedman will lead the SGT National Security Programs Business Unit. Under his leadership, the business unit will continue its focus on expanding SGTs presence in the DOD and National Security Programs marketplace.

Most recently, Wayne Friedman was President of Engineering & Integration Services a consulting business focused on assisting clients in entering or expanding their business base in support of the US Space Program.

Prior to Engineering & Integration Services, Wayne Friedman was VP of Honeywell Technology Solutions Inc.’s Space & Communications business which exceeded $400M per year in annual revenue. Some of the notable contracts captured and executed under his leadership include the AF Satellite Control Network Contract, the NASA Missions Operations Mission Services Contract, and the NASA Near Earth Networks Services contract.

Under Mr. Friedman’s leadership his organization was awarded multiple NASA center awards for excellence and the coveted NASA wide George M. Low award.

Wayne Friedman has a BS degree in Computer Science and a minor in Information Systems Management from the University of Maryland.

SGT, Inc. is privately held and headquartered in Greenbelt, MD, USA. SGT, Inc. provides aerospace engineering, earth and planetary science modeling and analysis, information systems, project management, operational support and technical services to NASA, NOAA, USGS, DOD, and various other government and commercial organizations.

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