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PERC Water Completes Upgrades to Adelanto’s Wastewater Treatment Facility Ahead of Schedule

October 29, 2013

ADELANTO, Calif., Oct. 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — PERC Water Corporation has completed the upgrades and start-up testing of the City of Adelanto, California’s wastewater treatment facility and is treating the entire City’s wastewater six months earlier than scheduled, saving the City approximately $400,000 in costs of diverting wastewater to a regional facility.

Due to increased residential development over the past decade, the City’s original treatment facility could only process 70% of its wastewater, therefore a significant portion of its wastewater had to be diverted to a regional facility. This bypass pumping was a financial burden to the City.

The City began an expansion of their original wastewater treatment facility in 2007 but progress remained at a standstill four years later. As a result, the Regional Water Quality Control Board issued a Cease and Desist Order and threatened to impose a connection ban.

The City entered into a public-private partnership with PERC Water in March 2012 to upgrade the City’s existing wastewater treatment facility, followed by a seven year operations and asset management agreement. PERC Water proposed the upgrades to the City through its unique Turnaround Plan (TAP(TM)) platform and took over operations immediately. Within a year, PERC Water implemented the findings outlined in the TAP and completed the expansion.

The upgrades included new aerations systems and blowers to improve biological treatment and nutrient removal, addition of two clarifiers for increased hydraulic capacity, and a new headworks screen to improve operations environment and help maintain capacity in downstream components. To ensure a fast turnaround, PERC Water designed and built the facility in a parallel path, which was completed with no change orders.

Adelanto’s City Manager Dr. James D. Hart said, “The City’s experience with PERC Water has been outstanding and we are pleased with the quick progress toward completion that occurred. PERC Water’s efforts have been able to save the City from incurring diversion costs, brought us into good standing with the Lahontan Regional Water Board and has allowed the City to now treat all the waste that is generated in the City. We are looking forward to a continued long and strong relationship with PERC Water in wastewater, water and other areas.”

In addition, on September 25 Adelanto’s City Council voted 5-0 to approve a contract with PERC Water to operate the City’s water system under a seven year contract, projected to save the City over $1 million in operational costs.

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