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Comfort Insurance Looks at Taking Winter Motorhome Trips

November 8, 2013

DAGENHAM, England, November 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

It may be getting a bit nippy outside but don’t let the cold winter months stop you
from taking a motorhome holiday. Motorhome owners should not have a problem holidaying
over the cooler months of the year as long as the necessary provisions are in place.
Comfort Insurance, an award winning motorhome insurance
[http://www.comfort-insurance.co.uk/motorhome-insurance ] company looks at a few of the
most important tips when taking a trip in your campervan or motorhome over the winter

Ben Cue, Comfort Insurance’s Senior Account Advisor says, “If you aren’t ready to pack
up for winter, some of the UK’s top locations are beautiful during this period and as long
as you are prepared, motorhome owners should not have any problems at all.”

Before leaving, standard safety checks should be made. Ben explains, “Before heading
off, check that your tyres are in good condition and they are the correct tread and are
properly inflated. Low tyre pressure and worn treads can increase the danger on wet roads,
which is a major issue over the wintery months”.

Another important issue is to top up your motorhome’s fluid. Ben advises to check
fluid in all areas including your windshield washer, engine coolant, power steering and
engine oil. Ben says, “One more thing to check is your wiper blades and replace them if
they are worn, to make sure they are in top tip shape.”

To avoid any potential safety issues, plan your trip before you leave. Research around
the area you would like to visit and see if there are any potential risks, e.g. if the
area is prone to flooding or if the roads are a challenge to manoeuvre around. Ben says,
“You should check the ground once you arrive, some motorhome owners will advise against
parking on grass in winter because of the risk of vehicles sinking and getting stuck -
bring slip mats just in case”.

Ben advises that if you are free-camping you should make sure that you have permission
to do so: “If you are free camping, ensure you read about the council’s policy about
motorhome parking so that you aren’t driving around aimlessly looking for somewhere to

If this is your first winter motorhome holiday away then staying at a campsite with
the facilities you need would be the most sensible choice.

Ben says, “There are many scenic routes across the UK in winter. Taking these common
precautions will ensure that your motorhome holiday is enjoyable.”

Comfort Insurance is an award winning motorhome insurance provider who has been
experts in the industry for over 20 years.

        Ben Cue
        Senior Account Advisor



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