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KOSUN Launches BLACK RHINO Series High-end Solids Control Equipment for European and US Markets

November 20, 2013

XI’AN, China, Nov. 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — In 2013, XI’AN KOSUN MACHINERY CO., LTD. (KOSUN) launched its BLACK RHINO series high-end solids control equipment as its main market expansion strategy in the European and American markets. The Chinese solids control giant has been long insisting on winning the market through product upgrades and technical innovations.

Black Rhino is the brand name for a series of products newly developed and manufactured by KOSUN after 20 years of continuous experiments and constant improvements on design. It mainly consists of Shale Shaker and Centrifuge at present. Black Rhino adopts state-of-the-art technology and workmanship at home and abroad. The black products with green accents possess stable quality, high purification efficiency and come in a variety of diversified models.

In mid-2013, KOSUN’s Black Rhino Centrifuge series successfully debuted at the 5th (Shanghai) International Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition, which signified the inspiring, brilliant start of KOSUN’s high-end product strategy for the European market. Many companies and famous buyers visited KOSUN’s booth to inquire about Black Rhino during the expo. It is estimated that KOSUN’s Black Rhino series will be more cost-effective than other international leading companies in this industry.

Moreover, earlier this year KOSUN established a subsidiary overseas in Houston, Texas, USA, to continue the sales and promotion of the Black Rhino series. And on Oct. 15, KOSUN Black Rhino’s official website was launched for easy visibility with seekers of the latest high-tech products.

Black Rhino signifies another important landmark, while KOSUN is making its way towards becoming a world-reputed enterprise with a long history, large size and core competitive power.

“We will make ‘KOSUN’ a respectable international brand!” declared KOSUN General Manager Rex Geng at the Corporate Conference on Black Rhino Products. KOSUN enjoys a good reputation in the industry for its stable product quality, personalized products, customized services and perfect global after-sales services.

XI’AN KOSUN MACHINERY CO., LTD. is the biggest solids-control solution company in China that has specialized in oil & gas drilling solids-control equipment and drilling waste-treatment equipment since its foundation in 1992. With 21 years attentive effort, “KOSUN” has become a well-known international brand and a reliable partner for many international brands like CNPC, CNOOC, HH, RG, Gazprom, SOCAR, etc.

About KOSUN Black Rhino Series Products – Linear Motion Shale Shaker

The Black Rhino linear motion shale shaker is the first-stage solids-control equipment that is elaborately manufactured by KOSUN using the highest quality materials and the latest technology, featuring high performance, simple operation maintenance, modularized function and more flexible configuration.

KOSUN Black Rhino Series Centrifuge serving in PEMEX:


Black Rhinoceros Linear Motion Shale Shaker Features High Performance

The super G force generated by Italvibras vibrating motors significantly enhances the handling capacity of screens, increases the dryness of cuttings, and needs fewer shale shakers or relatively finer screens under the same working conditions, which accordingly reduce equipment input and the cost of drilling circulation work. To increase the dryness of cuttings can obviously reduce the cuttings discharge costs.

Black Rhinoceros Linear Motion Shale Shaker Features Function Modularization

    --  As first-stage solids-control equipment, KOSUN Black Rhinoceros linear
        motion shale shaker can on average process 600~700GPM with 9~10PPG mud
        and 140-mesh screen. Two Black Rhinoceros linear motion shale shakers
        can be used in place of three standard shale shakers.
    --  As a cleaner underflow shaker, KOSUN Black Rhinoceros linear motion
        shale shaker is a useful tool in reducing the amount of fluid being
        discharged from the underflow of cones, and its economic benefit is
        especially obvious when using an expensive drilling fluid.
    --  As an oil-based cuttings dryer, when utilized for secondary drilled
        cuttings drying, KOSUN Black Rhinoceros linear motion shale shaker can
        reduce the oil on cuttings to below 10% by weight.
    --  Besides the first grade products, KOSUN provides 24 hours domestic and
        72 hours overseas after-sales service to ensure zero delayed response to

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