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Kaluga Region to Boast Russia’s Largest Robotic Livestock Farm Soon

December 11, 2013

KALUGA, Russia, December 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

The first unit of the robotic animal breeding complex, Kaluzhskaya Niva, the largest
in Russia, opened in the Ferzikovo area on Dec 6

On December 6, the region’s agriculture minister, Leonid Gromov took part in the
inauguration of the first unit of the robotic animal breeding complex Kaluzhskaya Niva in
the Ferzikovo district.

The 1,800-head complex will be the largest of its kind in Russia, with 32 milking
robots to be installed. A cowshed for 440 animals, a maternity ward for 160 head and a
small milking hall for 10 head have already gone operational. The use of innovative
technologies in milking, management and feeding is aimed to boost the effectiveness of
milk production and milk cattle reproduction.

Speaking at the ceremony, Gromov stressed the importance of such projects for the
region’s agriculture. He said that the introduction of cutting-edge technologies and
know-how did not only help agricultural effectiveness but also made rural areas flourish.

Note: Kaluzhskaya Niva, set up in February 2006, is part of Russia’s major
agricultural holding EcoNiva-APK. The enterprise produces milk, cultivates
European-selected potatoes and forage and specializes in livestock breeding. Its divisions
are situated in Peremyshl, Ferzikovo and Mosalsk districts of the region.


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