A house without nails: BONE structure launches first home in Ontario

January 9, 2014

TORONTO, Jan. 9, 2014 /CNW Telbec/ – Proudly launching its first building in Caledon, Ontario on January 30, 2014, BONE Structure‘s goal is to literally change the housing market, one light steel frame
at a time. Quebec-based BONE Structure has developed and patented an international construction system that
combines aesthetics, flexibility, efficiency, and respect for the
environment. The BONE philosophy is one of assembly and technology
rather than construction, structures can be put together in less than a
week using only a drill. No nails, no cutting, no debris, and no waste.

Founded in 2005 by President Marc A. Bovet in Laval, Quebec, BONE Structure’s innovative concept disrupts traditional construction methods across
Canada and has attracted the attention of real estate developers around
the world. “A BONE Structure may be assembled in as little as four days but the results are built to
last generations,” Bovet says,Precision and speed do not need to compromise efficiency and originality.” With a background in retail and advertising, Bovet was part of the management team at Bombardier, the global leader in aerospace and transportation manufacturing, for
many years. His experience and observations led to the idea of applying
the same technologies to home construction and BONE Structure was born.

From schematic design to construction, completion of a 3,000 square-foot
home takes around 12-14 weeks. The BONE Structure technology was inspired from a combination of LEGO and Meccano – pieces are simply snapped together. The lightweight, recycled steel
frame is more stable than a traditional wood frame, which enables
homeowners a beautiful open-concept space without intermediate beams or
load-bearing walls. Electrical, plumbing, heating and ventilation
systems are easily connected thanks to precut openings acting as
veritable “highways” within the structure.

Each custom, tailor-made building has a specific number of screws and
parts, taking the guesswork out of ordering and eliminates unwanted
budget increases. BONE Structure clients know exactly what they get and how much it costs. Not only is
the end result aesthetically remarkable and sustainable, but the
assembly process itself is efficient, economical and environmentally

There are currently more than 150 BONE Structure homes in Quebec and a few more across the country with options that
currently include single-family dwellings, multiplexes, and light
commercial jobs. BONE Structure is now expanding its network into Ontario and the rest of Canada, with
growing interest in the U.S. and Europe. The structures can be 100%
custom modified and reconfigured at any time. The proprietary Integrated Measuring System (IMS) allows homeowners the ability to literally reconfigure the living space
at any time by clicking or unclicking the components to easily add
windows, modifying exterior siding or move internal walls around.

With already three licensed manufacturing plants in Ontario and seven in
Quebec, BONE Structure plans on adding an additional three in Alberta and two more in British
Columbia in the next year. Combine this with an ever-expanding network
of authorized builders and BONE Structure is destined to achieve its goal of becoming a ‘household’ name in the
construction industry.

For further information and event accreditation, please contact Jessica
McAfee at jmcafee@budmanpr.com.

About BONE Structure

Founded in 2005, the company specializes in the design, development and
commercialization of technologies for residential and commercial
construction. It employs more than forty professionals, architects,
technologists, engineers, urban planners and has integrated expertise
to provide unmatched customer experience. The company also collaborates
with architectural firms and other outside professionals. BONE
Structure has a network of authorized builders composed of general and
specialized contractors, project managers, developers and promoters
across Canada. They also share the company corporate values of respect, transparency, loyalty and security. BONE Structure is a member of builder associations across Canada and
has received a number of awards throughout the years for innovation,
architecture, and process, including most recently the prestigious
Dunamis Award for Innovation in 2013. www.BONEstructure.ca


Source: PR Newswire

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