HTG Announces the Importance of Preventative Care in Hemorrhoid Treatment

January 10, 2014

HTG announced the importance of engaging in preventative care for hemorrhoid treatment and avoidance following BoldSky.com’s December 15th article entitled “Oral Care During Pregnancy.”

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 09, 2014

BoldSky.com’s December 15th article, “Oral Care during Pregnancy,” prompted a response from HTG (HemorrhoidTreatmentGroup.com) urging readers to consider preventative care of vast import in the treatment of hemorrhoids. A quick comparison of natural hemorrhoid treatment and medical care reveals that natural prevention is far preferable to potentially expensive and uncomfortable surgeries and therapies to correct already-incurred damage. Just as India One cautioned expecting women to take care of their teeth to avoid disease and infection down the road, Hemorrhoid Treatment Group encouraged individuals with a history of hemorrhoids or suspecting hemorrhoid development to engage in preventative care.

Asha Das began her article with an acknowledgement of the vast number of responsibilities placed upon expecting women, in addition to health concerns. In spite of this, however, Das urged women to pay close attention to dental hygiene during pregnancy, as hormonal shifts can cause swelling of the gums, oral infections, and infant complications if proper hygiene is not observed.

Hemorrhoid Treatment Group believes that as with dental hygiene, failing to take proper precautions regarding diet, exercise, and digestive health can result in complications elsewhere in the body. HTG adds that one of the most common complications is the development of hemorrhoids, inflamed and painful blood vessels on or near the rectum. Though surgical and medical treatments exist to assist those afflicted with this bothersome ailment, a comparison of natural hemorrhoid treatment suggests that, in cases of mild outbreaks, natural methods are more cost-effective and may be more successful in preventing future outbreaks. HemorrhoidTreatmentGroup.com urges readers to take preventative measures rather than waiting for something to go wrong. HTG recommends that readers implement natural prevention methods:

1) Pay close attention to food consumption and avoid foods that may cause troubled digestion including (but not limited to) process foods, foods high in sugar content, and foods prone to causing gassiness or constipation such as dairy.

2) Engage in regular exercise—in particular, exercise that increases blood flow, such as yoga, or brisk walking.

3) Finally, pay close attention to digestive system indicators; do not strain when in the bathroom. Instead, listen to the body’s natural indicators and use the restroom only when it is necessary.

While there are many different remedies for preventing and treating hemorrhoids, natural methods boast greater personal control, and are generally far less expensive. Natural treatment may include topical application of an astringent such as witch hazel, or may simply refer to the changes in diet and lifestyle that bring about healing. In prevention, natural methods are best, as they simply require changes to a sedentary lifestyle and high-sugar, unhealthy diet. Given time and effort, natural hemorrhoid treatment and prevention efforts provide many sufferers with lasting relief.

BoldSky.com’s December 15th article entitled “Oral Care During Pregnancy” prompted HTG to remind readers that preventative care is a much better route than waiting until things are bad.

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