Altran Launches “THE i PROJECT” Collaborative In-House Innovation Programme

January 14, 2014

PARIS, January 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

The Altran group has launched a collaborative innovation operation for all of its
employees, comprising more than 20,000 Innovation Makers[1] throughout the world. THE i
PROJECT (whereby “i” stands for innovation) is designed to promote in-house research and
innovation by way of a competition open to all Group employees, whatever their profession,
industry or country of operation. Candidates must submit their proposition of a useful
innovation, either in the form of a concept or a prototype, to the jury.

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Altran’s THE i PROJECT operation has enabled the Group to explore another management
approach. This programme encourages personal initiative, promotes team work and gives
employees the opportunity to come up with and develop concepts which they are passionate

Because of the Group’s strategic objective to anticipate its customers’ new and future
needs, these projects must demonstrate the potential benefits they can offer Altran in
terms of business (customers, reputation, appeal) new markets, and innovative, added value
vis-a-vis our rivals.

EUR100,000 awarded to winning innovative projects

The most innovative projects selected within the context of the in-house competition
receive financial support of EUR100,000 each. For Altran, the ultimate objective is to
flesh out and complete its offering so that the Group can better meet its customers’

Commenting on the success of the first season of the programme, Michael Bailly,
Executive Vice-President in charge of programmes and innovation for the Altran group,
said: “The first season of THE i PROJECT has been a veritable success in terms of the
commitment demonstrated by the Group’s Innovation Makers and the quality of the projects
presented. This perfectly illustrates the fact that innovation is indeed the DNA of the

For the first season of THE i PROJECT, five project winners were selected out of a
total of twenty finalists. The first season rallied a truly enthusiastic response within
the Group resulting in the participation of 340 people from 15 different countries on 104

The second “THE i PROJECT” season is now underway with another wave of candidates. The
new projects are due to be unveiled on 5 March 2014 and will benefit from Altran’s major
asset, namely the diversity of its teams, sectors of activity and skills.

Find out more about the five winning projects of THE i PROJECT season one

[http://www.altran.com/about-us/the-i-project/season-1.html ]

See “THE i PROJECT” season two teaser here:

[http://www.altran.com/about-us/the-i-project/season-2.html ]


1. Employees of the Altran group




Source: PR Newswire

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