Hemorrhoid Treatment Group Offers Prevention Methods for Hemorrhoids

January 14, 2014

Following Oye Times’ December 10th article entitled “Your Baby’s Bowel Movements and Constipation,” Hemorrhoid Treatment Group offered methods to prevent hemorrhoids with a focus on diet management.

(PRWEB) January 14, 2014

Hemorrhoid Treatment Group offered readers methods for hemorrhoid prevention following the December 10th Oye Times article, “Your Baby’s Bowel Movements and Constipation.” The article discussed the digestive habits of infants, offering insight into constipation causes and effects, prompting Hemorrhoid Treatment Group to acknowledge the role constipation plays in hemorrhoid development. Though many maladies are confused with hemorrhoids, the prevention options are typically different.

Aaliyah Imtiaz immediately identified the potential dangers and side effects of constipation in infants, and cautioned parents to take the matter seriously. While children’s bowel movements will vary, there are some signs that should raise alarms in parents, including the passage of hard or dry stool and constipation. The most common cause of digestive issues in babies is the consumption of a type of formula or food that does not agree with the child’s stomach.

Following Oye Times’ article on constipation, Hemorrhoid Treatment Group offered some methods to prevent the development of hemorrhoids, including avoiding constipation—the most common cause of hemorrhoids. Maladies such as anal fissures and fistulas can be confused with hemorrhoids, but typically involve different prevention methods.

Through personal experience, HTG has learned that these 3 things can be done to possibly prevent hemorrhoids:

1. Maintain a healthy diet with an adequate supply of fiber, protein, and vitamins. A diet high on fiber, protein, and vitamins may easily be achieved through a healthy balance of fruits, vegetables, protein, and dairy, as well as adding vitamin and mineral supplements.

2. Develop a consistent exercise regimen with a focus on increasing circulation, including running and yoga.

3. Avoid straining when having a bowel movement. If constipation is an issue, consider talking to a Doctor about necessary diet changes or gentle laxative use.

Aaliyah Imtiaz is a regular contributor to Oye Times’ online publication. The Oye Times has served the Toronto area for over 5 years, and works to provide news stories appealing to both Canadian and American audiences.

Following Oye Times’ article on constipation in infants, Hemorrhoid Treatment Group addressed the role constipation frequently plays the onset of hemorrhoids. Although there are many conditions often confused with hemorrhoids, the causes and symptoms of these maladies are typically widely varied. Just as with infants and constipation, hemorrhoid troubles generally start with one’s diet, and can readily be prevented through the installation of a healthy diet, an effective exercise regimen, and a keen understanding of proper bathroom practices.

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