FIGARO to Present Positive Results of Field Tests of Its Precise Irrigation System

January 16, 2014

The results of a case study of optimized irrigation scheduling based on FIGARO’s innovative algorithms which have resulted in significant water savings will be presented at the upcoming partners’ meeting in Valencia, Spain

VALENCIA, Spain, January 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

FIGARO [http://www.figaro-irrigation.net/home/en ], an EU-funded international project
focused on developing new precision technologies to improve irrigation management for the
purpose of increasing water productivity, will present the first annual results of field
tests carried out in nine European countries at the next partners meeting.

During the meeting [http://www.figaro-irrigation.net/events/detail/en/c/211443 ],
which will be held at the Scientific Park of the University Politecnica de Valencia
[http://www.upv.es/index-en.html ] from January 20-24, 2014, the first annual results of
all field tests will be evaluated in order to optimize the FIGARO (Flexible and Precise
Irrigation Platform to Improve Farm Scale Water Productivity) system. In the coming
months, the FIGARO partners plan to integrate additional features and components into the

“We are looking forward to the publication of our first full year field tests,” said
project coordinator Lior Doron, director of the Crop Management Technology department at
Netafim Ltd. [http://www.netafim.com ], a world leader in drip and micro-irrigation.
“Initial indicators suggest that the FIGARO system has already proved to be an effective
tool for reducing water usage.”

The results of an initial case study which simulated the use of FIGARO’s innovative
algorithms to schedule irrigation at a cotton farm in Northern Greece showed that the
proposed approach would lead to substantial water savings while ensuring that the target
yield specified by the farmer is achieved.

For the specific field used in the simulation, the irrigation schedules generated by
these algorithms used ~55% of the water currently allocated for this kind of crop for
rainy years and ~85% of the allocated water for dry years. Although these results are
still preliminary, they indicate that the proposed approach will indeed lead to
significant water savings.

Participants at the FIGARO meeting in Spain will visit fields in which the FIGARO
prototype is installed. This will include a visit to Picassent, where the system is used
to irrigate citrus orchards, and to vineyards in Cheste.

By collecting environmental and crop-growth data, then feeding it into
state-of-the-art agronomic models, the FIGARO system outputs precise, reliable and
tailored recommendations for how and when farmers should irrigate their specific fields
throughout the season.


FIGARO is a Europe-wide research project co-funded by the European Commission under
the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development of the European

The FIGARO consortium is industry driven and includes 17 different organizations from
eight different countries, including a number of commercial and academic leaders in the
field of irrigation. Figaro partners bring expertise in precise irrigation-related
technologies. The consortium is augmented by eight academic institutions, a regional
authority and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

For more information: http://www.figaro-irrigation.net

        Bracha Ehrman

        Lior Doron


Source: PR Newswire

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