Hamburger Frisbee, the New Web Based Game, Achieves Massive Growth

January 30, 2014

The game, originally designed for Creative Electronic Products Inc (CEP), the promoters of the Propane GasGenie, has been attracting players at a growth rate of between 30 and 50%.

New York City, New York (PRWEB) January 30, 2014

Hamburger Frisbee is a game that can be played either online on a computer or on a tablet or iPhone after downloading the App. It involves cartoon animations of a family where the father is trying to throw raw hamburgers, Frisbee style, on to a BBQ gas grill on the far side of the screen as the family watch and wait. Every time the burger lands on the grill the family cheer and points are scored. Similarly when the hamburger lands on the ground the family boo! There is also a cute dog that plays an amusing role in the game.

The trick of the game is that the player must turn off the gas before it actually runs out. If the player waits too long they will lose all their points. There are two gauges attached to the propane tank: One the Propane GasGenie, and the other is a standard type pressure gauge. They both work exactly as they would in real life, although somewhat speeded up.

The game was designed to entertain visitors to the Propane GasGenie website. There is humor both in the playing of the game, especially the dog's activities and in the music. (The music is a version of 'On top of old Smokey'!) Playing the game also has the side effect of demonstrating the advantages of the Propane GasGenie over the popular pressure gauge types. Players can also enter their scores onto a Leader Board and compete against others.

Peter Frank, of CEP says, "We designed the game after hearing about a topic called 'Gamification'. This is a method of getting a point across by playing a game, rather than trying to teach the point directly. We wanted players to enjoy the game but at the same time get to understand that pressure gauges simply do not give enough warning of a low gas condition to be useful. The Propane GasGenie solves that problem."

Since launching the game a few months ago it has seen regular growth in the number of players. The growth rate is between 30 and 50% per month. As a result of its success the website now has a regular monthly competition where players can compete to win a Propane GasGenie. There is also a 'random winner' selected each month from all the participants in the game.

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