Mare Nostrum’s Conference to Focus on Cross-border Coastal Zone Management

February 6, 2014

The partners’ meeting of the EU-funded Mare Nostrum Project in Alexandroupolis, Greece, will explore ways to improve cross-border cooperation on managing coastal development

ALEXANDROUPOLIS, Greece, February 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

The EU-funded Mare Nostrum Project [http://marenostrumproject.eu ] will hold a
partners’ meeting in Alexandroupolis, Greece, which will focus on cross-border issues
regarding integrated coastal-zone management (ICZM).

Participants at the conference, which will take place February 18-22, 2014, will
present a series of case studies exploring cross-border cooperation. The presentations
will be given by Mare Nostrum partners [http://marenostrumproject.eu/partners ] and
associates from Greece, Spain, Malta, Turkey, Israel and Jordan. A special guest
presentation by Prof. Nicole Gurran will focus on the policies adopted in Australia.

Mare Nostrum has also invited NGOs from partner countries to take part in a discussion
on their role in managing coastal development.

In an attempt to learn more on the issue and how it is working “on the ground,”
participants will take field trips to the cities of Kavala in Greece and Ainos (Enez),
Turkey, to meet with local authorities, NGOs and other stakeholders. They will also visit
the delta of the Evros/Meric River, which forms the border between Greece and Turkey.

“The meeting in Alexandroupolis will deal with ways to bridge the legal-institutional
gap in neighboring countries in relation to coastal management,” said The Technion’s Prof.
Rachelle Alterman, initiator and head of the Mare Nostrum Project. “The field trip will
provide us with an excellent opportunity to see how cross-border cooperation works in
reality in neighboring countries such as Greece and Turkey.”

Mare Nostrum recently published its first interim report, entitled “Existing Knowledge
on Legal-Institutional Frameworks for Coastline Management. The International, EU and
National Levels [http://marenostrumproject.eu/project-outputs/first-report ].”

The report, which reviews key international ICZM instruments focusing on the Barcelona
Convention’s 2008 ICZM Protocol for the Mediterranean, may be downloaded from the
project’s Web site [http://marenostrumproject.eu ].

About Mare Nostrum

Mare Nostrum is an EU-funded project which aims to explore new ways of protecting and
managing the Mediterranean coastline within the existing ICZM Mediterranean framework.

The project focuses on understanding the “implementation gap” between the Barcelona
Convention’s high expectations and realities on the ground, and on new legal and
institutional tools to improve local practices from the “bottom-up,” one level at a time.

For further information, please visit http://www.marenostrumproject.eu. For news
and updates, please follow us on Twitter [https://twitter.com/marenosproj ] and Facebook
[https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mare-Nostrum-Project/531737076847904 ].


        Dan Gerstenfeld

SOURCE Mare Nostrum

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