Chiarezza.it Launches “Guida Gialla” 2014

February 24, 2014

MILAN, February 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

The illustrated guide about car insurance

Chiarezza.it [http://www.chiarezza.it ], an Italian online price comparison web site
specialized in car insurance [http://www.chiarezza.it/assicurazioni-auto ], presents
“Guida Gialla” 2014, the updated version of the illustrated guide about car insurance.

Guida Gialla [http://www.chiarezza.it/guida-gialla ] is the answer to all the doubts
and opinions collected by Chiarezza.it in 4 years, related to the insurance market. With
Guida Gialla, Chiarezza.it aims to help customers to understand the right procedures and
terminology typical of insurance sector.

Also this year, Chiarezza.it wanted to provide users with clear, simple and intuitive
explanations through a manual, made by infographics, easy and clear to understand. A
transparent and useful tool for all its customers.

Infographics, thanks to their direct language and visual graphic, explain basic
concepts of the insurance world in a transparent and simple way.

The aim is to make consumers aware of the procedures that need to be implemented, for
example, in case of accident or typical terminologies not easy to understand or how to
choose between different coverage. These topics and many other topics are well explained
in the guide with 50 infographics.

Francisco Garcia, CEO of Chiarezza.it comments: “We realized that many consumers are
not aware of the basic concepts related to insurance, for this reason we decided to offer
them a tool to choose their car insurance policy with awareness.”

For more info about Chiarezza.it: http://www.chiarezza.it

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For more info about Guida Gialla 2014: http://www.chiarezza.it/guida-gialla

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Chiarezza.it [http://www.chiarezza.it ] is a popular price comparison website for car
and motorbike insurances

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