Vapeday: A New Trend for a Sober Lifestyle

February 24, 2014

Grand Opening of VAPEDAY offers a haven for those committed to sobriety, as well as for new hobbyist alike

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –There is a growing phenomenon of Vape shops popping up everywhere lately and leading the pack is Vapeday, a Vape company who has quickly become a haven for those out of rehab. Although in its soft open state, it’s evident when you enter their 4,000 sq. ft. of “Vape Heaven,” why Vapeday has already drawn in many who are looking to immerse themselves into this new trend. An inviting clean space filled with the biggest selection of premium Vape Mods and accessories, and countless displays of every flavor & brand of “E-juice” imaginable, it’s easy to get lost trying out the many varieties of E-juices, in the comfort of a cushiony bar stool.

So what exactly are Vapes? As Jeff Schappert, general manager of Vapeday describes, “Vapes are a more sophisticated version of an electronic cigarette. The Vapes are re-usable, elaborate devices that start around $40 in price, and can go to the thousands for more intricate designs & material.” He goes on to say that, “Vapes are like cars in some respects, in that the owners take pride in their Vapes, as it can be customized to each individual taste, has options for upgrades and accessories, can become a collectible, and with proper maintenance, can virtually last you a lifetime.”

Fueling this growing Vape phenomenon is an “E-juice” craze, many of which are made locally in the Southern California area. Not to be confused with the potentially harmful E-juices that are made in China and commonly found in many disposable electronic cigarettes, Vapeday only carries E-juices that are considered to be safe and made with all USP food grade products. The E-juices offered at Vapeday contain three major components: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and flavors like strawberry, to more fancy flavors like crème brulee. And if desired, nicotine can be added at varied strengths so that anyone looking to quit has the option to taper down the nicotine and eventually omit it altogether. This combination of style of device, flavor of use, as well as level of nicotine provides the user absolute freedom and control.

For many in the sober community, this vaping trend has become an aid in their continued success out of rehab and has become the hobby of choice. Their new “fix” can now be found in the enjoyment within the myriad of vaping options. A passion project for Vapeday, they have made a commitment to offer those on the path to sobriety, respite in a welcoming environment.

The much anticipated, grand opening will take place on March 1(st), 2014. Highlights during the festivities will include a life size mural painted by highly acclaimed street artist “Sand One,” along with endless giveaways, surprise appearances, food, music and entertainment.

ABOUT VAPEDAY: With their 4,000 sq. ft. flagship store located at 6095 Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035, just East of La Cienega, Vapeday is a premium E-cigarette store. Vapeday offers the largest selection of Vape Mods, accessories, limited edition items and E-juice varieties in Southern California. A passion project, Vapeday offers an experience unparalleled to any others in their selection, quality, pricing, knowledge and service, and is quickly becoming the “go to” as an industry leader for all things Vape. Store open daily from 10am – midnight. For more information & online store, please visit www.vapeday.com.
Instagram: @Vapeday, Facebook & YouTube: @VapedayLA
Contact: Tim Goldberg | tim@vapeday.com | phone: (844) VAPE247

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