Smartcool ECO3 Energy Savings Multiplier Uncovered by Arizona Distributor Guardian Energy Solutions

February 26, 2014

VANCOUVER, Feb. 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – Smartcool Systems Inc. (TSX-V: SSC) has worked with independent distributor Guardian Energy
Solutions since 2012 to introduce the ECO3 product to the Arizona
market. In the last year, Guardian has led the way in adopting a
highly successful strategy of installing the ECO3 in conjunction with a synthetic refrigerant catalyst to significantly increase the energy savings delivered to customers.

The ECO3 typically reduces energy consumption (in kilowatt hours) by an
average of 20% and delivers a payback in as little as 12 months when
retrofitted into the control circuit of air conditioning, refrigeration
and heat pump systems with one or two compressors. Guardian Energy
Solutions offers its customers in the Phoenix area an energy savings
package including installation of the ECO3 together with a synthetic
catalyst. This combination of technology works extremely well
together, raising average energy savings to over 30%.

Feature Project

In February 2013, Guardian installed Smartcool’s ECO3 together with a
synthetic catalyst on a 5-ton Trane heat pump unit in a private home.
Data gathered over a year of operation has shown a 33% gain in energy
efficiency of the heat pump system, equating to energy savings of
roughly 2,500 kWh.

“With Smartcool’s ECO3 and the synthetic catalyst, we effectively have a
two-pronged attack against inefficiency in air conditioning, heat pump
and refrigeration systems. ” explains Ray Wolfe, CEO at Guardian
Energy Solutions. “The ECO3 improves the energy efficiency of the
compressor by dynamically adjusting compressor cycles to reduce overall
run time without affecting the system’s ability to meet temperature
goals. The synthetic catalyst improves the rate of heat transfer,
which creates optimal conditions for the ECO3 software to deliver
energy savings. These products are extremely complimentary, as we have
proven again and again in over 300 installations where we have paired
them together.”

“We’re really pleased to have Guardian Energy Solutions on board as one
of our premier regional distributors in the USA,” says Chris Lefaivre,
VP of Operations and head of distribution in the Americas. “We have
seen many of our distributors around the world including the ECO3 as
part of a wider energy saving package including synthetic refrigerant
catalysts. Guardian has been particularly successful in this approach
in the southwest, and delivered exceptional energy efficiency to
customers. In light of the market’s positive response to the excellent
savings results achieved by deploying these technologies in tandem,
Smartcool has aligned itself with a performance enhancing refrigeration
lubricant manufacturer to offer this combined solution to our
respective distributors and to our own direct customers in Europe.”

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About Guardian

Guardian Energy Solutions is a family run business offering energy saving products and
services to residents of Arizona. In addition to carrying the Smartcool
ECO3 and synthetic catalyst duo, Guardian helps customers increase
their home or business’ energy efficiency with a number of products
that improve the building envelope.

Email info@guardianenergysolutions.com for more information.

About Smartcool

Smartcool Systems Inc. (TSX-V: SSC) provides cutting edge energy
efficient and energy cost reduction solutions for businesses around the
world. The ECO3 and ESM are Smartcool’s unique retrofit technologies
that reduce the energy consumption of compressors in air conditioning,
refrigeration and heat pump systems by 15% to 20%, giving customers a
return on investment in as little as 12 months.

SOURCE SmartCool Systems Inc.

Source: PR Newswire

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