Maudore Reaches Agreement for Additional Funding

March 14, 2014

MONTREAL, March 14, 2014 /CNW Telbec/ – Maudore Minerals Ltd. (“Maudore” or the “Company“) – (TSXV: MAO) (OTCBB: MAOMF) (FWB: M6L) – announces that it has
reached an agreement with Cyrus Capital Partners, in its capacity as a
manager to FBC Holdings S.à.r.l (“FBC“), for additional funding to be made available by FBC to Maudore and to
its wholly-owned subsidiary Aurbec Mines Inc. (“Aurbec“).

Maudore and Aurbec had earlier reached agreements with FBC and with
their other major creditors (the “Other Creditors“) regarding the consensual restructuring of their debts. However, it
became necessary to revise the terms of this consensual restructuring
and to discontinue Maudore’s associated rights offering mainly as a
consequence of the Company having projected an increase in the time and
development costs required for new stoping at the Sleeping Giant mine,
elements that were not reflected in its initial payment schedules. The
primary driver for this change was the positive drill results obtained
from ongoing underground diamond drilling being conducted. The Company
has successfully achieved its initial drilling plan goals and exceeded
new ounce growth targets. However, the majority of these new ounces
were revealed to be proportionally in the deeper levels of the mine. As
a consequence, additional mine development and extended ramp up time is
needed for these new stoping areas to reach positive cash flows,
resulting in a significant change to the overall financing needs of the
Company in order to bridge its operations to that point.

The Company continues to work towards a revised consensual restructuring
of its debts (the “Consensual Restructuring“) in order to arrive at a sustainable financing plan for developing the
full potential of the Sleeping Giant mine. As an important first step
in this regard, the Company has reached an agreement with FBC (the “FBC Agreement“) which provides it with access to additional funding to be applied
towards this goal.

The specific terms of the FBC Agreement are as follows:

Immediate Funding

Upon the execution of definitive documentation by the parties, FBC will
immediately advance to Aurbec the sum of $4 million in the form of a
senior secured loan (the “Senior Secured Loan“), with the funds to be used by Aurbec for general corporate purposes
until such time that a meeting of the shareholders of Maudore can be
convened in order to obtain the approval of the shareholders other than
FBC (the “Minority Shareholders“) to the overall terms of the FBC Agreement as discussed below. The
Senior Secured Loan will bear interest at the rate of 15% per annum and
will be secured by a first charge on all assets of Aurbec (subject to
the prior charge on the Vezza property in favour of Entrepreneur Minier
Promec Inc. and Gestion Abitibi Inc.) as well as a secured guarantee
provided by Maudore (the “Senior Security“). Aurbec will pay a fee of 5% on any undrawn amounts.

FBC will also continue to allow Maudore to draw on the balance remaining
of the original amount of approximately $3.3 million held in the
interest escrow account established pursuant to the existing $22
million secured credit facility granted to Maudore by FBC (the “Credit Facility“). These funds will be used for general corporate purposes, subject to
the prior approval of FBC. FBC has been allowing Maudore to access
these funds for working capital purposes since the time that the
Company discontinued its rights offering.

Should the Minority Shareholders not approve the terms of the FBC
Agreement, this would constitute a default under the Senior Secured
Loan, rendering it immediately repayable to FBC, and would similarly
create a default under the Credit Facility.

Other Features Subject to Shareholder Approval

Upon the approval of the Minority Shareholders of the terms of the FBC
Agreement as discussed below, the following additional elements of the
FBC Agreement will be implemented:

        --  FBC will pay to Aurbec the sum of $4 million, which sum will be
            applied by Aurbec to the repayment of the then outstanding
            balance of the Senior Secured Loan described above, with the
            remaining balance available to be used for general corporate
            purposes. In exchange for this $4 million payment, (i) Aurbec
            will issue to FBC such number of common shares in its share
            capital as will result in FBC holding a 49.9% equity interest
            in Aurbec (with Maudore retaining a 50.1% equity interest) and
            (ii) Aurbec will grant to FBC a royalty claim (the "Royalty
            Claim"). Under the terms of the Royalty Claim, Aurbec will be
            required to pay to FBC, within one year, the sum of $4 million
            plus interest at the rate of 15% per annum. Repayment of the
            Royalty Claim will be made by Aurbec through a combination of
            the following sources of cash: (A) 1% of any gold sales
            generated by Aurbec and (B) any cash balances in excess of $1
            million (which excesses will be deposited into a blocked
            account in favour of FBC and be balanced on a bi-weekly basis).
            Moreover, in the event of a change of control of Maudore or
            Aurbec (other than in favour of FBC), the Royalty Claim will
            become immediately repayable at the option of FBC for an amount
            equal to 101% of the amount otherwise payable thereunder at
            such time. The obligations of Aurbec under the Royalty Claim
            will be guaranteed by Maudore and secured against the assets of
            Maudore and Aurbec.

        --  FBC will make available to Aurbec the sum of $2 million in the
            form of a senior secured loan, with the funds to be used by
            Aurbec for general corporate purposes, subject to the prior
            approval of FBC. This senior secured loan will bear interest at
            the rate of 15% per annum and will be secured by the Senior
            Security. Aurbec will pay a fee of 5% on any undrawn amounts.

        --  FBC will provide funding sufficient to satisfy Aurbec's new
            environmental bonding requirements in 2014 of approximately
            $0.9 million.

        --  The approximately $2.2 million in interest currently
            outstanding under the Credit Facility will be converted into
            principal under the Credit Facility.

        --  Maudore will be permitted to satisfy the ongoing interest owing
            on the Credit Facility for 2014 either by making cash payments
            or by converting such interest into principal under the Credit

        --  FBC will convert a minimum of $2 million and a maximum of $4
            million (the exact amount to be determined by FBC at its
            option) of outstanding principal owing under the Credit
            Facility, or of other debt owing to it, into common shares of
            Maudore ("Common Shares") at a conversion price of $0.09 per
            Common Share, representing a minimum of 22,222,222 and a
            maximum of 44,444,444 Common Shares.

        --  Maudore will undertake not to issue any additional Common
            Shares without the approval of FBC prior to the implementation
            of the Consensual Restructuring.

        --  In consideration of this restructuring, Maudore will issue to
            FBC an aggregate of 15.35 million Common Shares.

The Boards of Directors of Maudore and of Aurbec have received an
opinion from Clarus Securities Inc. regarding the terms and conditions
of the FBC Agreement, stating that the FBC Agreement is fair to Maudore
and to Aurbec from a financial point of view.

Discussions continue with the Other Creditors regarding the revisions to
be made to the terms of the consensual restructuring initially entered
into with them. Agreements have been reached with the Other Creditors
of Aurbec which provide that an aggregate of approximately $3.3 million
of debt will be repaid in monthly instalments of approximately $85,000,
with a final balloon payment to be made in March 2015. Further
announcements in this regard will be made as warranted.

The implementation of the FBC Agreement remains subject to the execution
of formal documentation, the receipt of all requisite regulatory
approvals, including the approval of the TSX Venture Exchange, and,
except as stated above, the approval of the Minority
Shareholders. Moreover, any further agreements that Maudore or Aurbec
may enter into with the Other Creditors regarding the restructuring of
their debt may be subject to similar conditions. Further information
regarding these matters will be contained in a management proxy
circular which will be mailed to shareholders in due course in
connection with the meeting which will be called by the Company in
order to seek their approval of the foregoing.

About Maudore

Maudore is a Quebec-based junior gold company in production, with mining
and milling operations as well as more than 22 exploration projects.
Five of these projects are at an advanced stage of development with
reported current and historical resources and mining. Currently, gold
production is ramping up at the Sleeping Giant mine. The Company’s
projects span some 120 km, east-west, of the underexplored Northern
Volcanic Zone of the Abitibi Greenstone Belt and cover a total area of
1,570 km², with the Sleeping Giant Processing Facility within trucking
distance of key development projects.

Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

This release and other documents filed by the Company contain
forward-looking statements. All statements that are not clearly
historical in nature or that necessarily depend on future events are
forward-looking, and the words “intend”, “anticipate”, “believe”,
“expect”, “estimate”, “plan” and similar expressions are generally
intended to identify forward-looking statements. These forward-looking
statements include, without limitation, performance and achievements of
the Company, business and financing plans, business trends and future
operating revenues. These statements are inherently uncertain and
actual achievements of the Company or other future events or conditions
may differ materially from those reflected in the forward-looking
statements due to a variety of risks, uncertainties and other factors,
including, without limitation, financial related risks, unstable gold
and metal prices, operational risks including those related to title,
significant uncertainty related to inferred mineral resources,
operational hazards, unexpected geological situations, unfavourable
mining conditions, changing regulations and governmental policies,
failure to obtain required permits and approvals from government
authorities, failure to obtain any required approvals of the regulatory
authorities or from shareholders or creditors, failure to obtain any
required financing, increased competition from other companies many of
which have greater financial resources, dependence on key personnel and
environmental risks and the other risks described in the Company’s
continuous disclosure documents.

Neither TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as
that term is defined in policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts
responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

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