Wildlife Acoustics Ships New Line of Song Meter Bioacoustics Recorders

March 20, 2014

Third generation Song Meter SM3 and SM3BAT represent breakthrough in wildlife recording technology

MAYNARD, Mass., March 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Wildlife Acoustics, the worldwide provider of bioacoustics recording and analytical technology, is shipping its new, 3(rd) generation Song Meter SM3 and SM3BAT bioacoustics recorders.


“Our new Song Meter SM3 and SM3BAT sets a new performance benchmark for bioacoustics recorders”, said founder and CEO, Ian Agranat. “After shipping almost 14,000 Song Meter recorders to over 60 countries, taking in feedback from our customers all over the world and making significant investments in new hardware, software and firmware, the SM3 platform has capabilities that outstrip competing bioacoustics recorders.”

The Song Meter SM3 and SM3BAT have a long list of user-friendly features. From their die cast aluminum, powder coated enclosures, weather-proof SD card and battery bays to custom-designed connectors, the Song Meters can survive anything from scorching desert and frozen regions to humid jungle environments. So much so that the Song Meter is backed by the longest warranty in its class: 3 years.

Extended Deployments and Reduced Cost of Ownership

Song Meters use new high efficiency switching power supplies and power management firmware that extend deployments by 20% over the prior generation SM2+ recorder. “Bat professionals will appreciate close to a 50% increase in deployment time over our SM2BAT+ bioacoustics recorder,” said Agranat. Song Meters can also store more than a terabyte of echolocation and wildlife vocalization data, reducing the need for frequent trips into the field.

Enhanced Machine Intelligence

The SM3 and SM3BAT come with out-of-the box recording programs; including daytime, night time, and continuous recording schedules with automatic configuration. Agranat explains, “Just pick your desired schedule and press the Start button to begin making recordings immediately. Or, you can customize to implement the most sophisticated schedules and settings you can dream up to suit your exact needs.”

Simultaneous Recording of Any Combination of Terrestrial and Marine Wildlife

The Song Meter is the only recorder of its kind that can simultaneously record any combination of bat echolocations, bird and frog calls and marine vocalizations. The SM3 and SM3BAT can use an assortment of its new SM3-A1 acoustic and SM3-U1 ultrasonic mics and soon to be released hydrophone, allowing scientists to easily record a diversity of wildlife.

The SM3 acoustic recorder comes complete with two installed acoustic mics and sells for $849.00. The SM3BAT ultrasonic recorder comes complete with the new SM3-U1 ultrasonic mic and 3 meter cable and sells for $1598.00

About Wildlife Acoustics

Wildlife Acoustics is a privately held corporation and the leading provider of bioacoustics monitoring systems for researchers, scientists, conservationists, universities and government agencies worldwide. Wildlife Acoustics’ bioacoustics recorders are deployed in over 60 countries and on every continent including Antarctica.

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