Tornado Attack Driver Steve Green Is Back

April 1, 2014

Wearing a high-tech impact resistant suit to ensure survival, innovator Steve Green unveils plans to become the first man to intentionally walk into a tornado

CANTON, Ohio, April 1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Steve Green is known for his historic drive into a tornado riding in his Tornado Attack Vehicle.

With the 2014 tornado season dead ahead, 53-year-old Steve Green, a former NASCAR driver, plans to elevate his adrenaline level to even greater heights by walking into a tornado and surviving to tell the tale. When weather conditions are ideal this season he will take on a tornado.

The first question Green always fields when explaining his tornado adventure — “Are you serious?” He says it does seem to come to mind for those questioning the wisdom of voluntarily entering a tornado.

The reason, according to Green, is a simple one. It’s never been done before and it is something he wants to do to promote his energy plan, Hydro Heal healing process, his firefighting airplane and family safety during a tornado. “After the loss of one of the world’s top storm chasers, I felt compelled to finish this decade-long project.”

That’s the same logic that propelled Green and his tornado attack vehicle into fame as a storm chaser June 12, 2004 by driving into a twister in Mulvane, Kansas. The historic event was witnessed and filmed by storm chaser Reed Timmer, serving as Green’s lead meteorologist.

Green said his decision to walk into a tornado is not an act of suicide or a measure of blind faith. “No one else has done anything like this, but that’s not my entire reason for doing this. I am doing it to bring awareness to my projects that could have a positive effect on the lives of millions of people,” he said. Green also said some think it is crazy, but it’s really a matter of bringing more discovery to our lives –probably some of the same thoughts of people like Charles Lindbergh and Chuck Yeager. Make no mistake, Green is placing his faith in far more than a mere wooden barrel. Instead he will be dressed in a cutting-edge technology tailor-made suit. Returning to his racing roots, Green has tested the ballistic-resistant suit in a North Carolina wind tunnel.

“When Steve told me about his latest plan, I asked if he was planning to wear an altimeter, to measure his height off the ground. He didn’t think that was very funny,” said Pat Beattie, Green’s crew chief and fellow tornado chaser. “I was joking with him, but I was there when he drove the tornado attack truck into the tornado; I saw it firsthand. You don’t put anything past Steve because he’ll do it. Years ago when he planned to drive into a tornado, he was laughed at. He blew all his doubters away,” Beattie said. Beattie has worked in NASCAR 30 years and has been a part of a NASCAR Sprint Cup championship team.

Green hopes this will generate enthusiasm and anticipation in storm-chasing circles for the scientific data to be gained. He will wear cameras mounted on his helmet, wrist and chest, giving live streaming video on the Internet, enabling storm-chasing enthusiasts to share the adventure. A portable barometric pressure temperature gauge and an anemometer measuring wind speed will complete the data collection package.

Green lives in Canton, Ohio and is a former NASCAR driver and a world record holder as a tornado hunter. He lives a life of adventure and strives to find ways to save the planet.

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