NewViewWear Launches The World’s First Wearable Camera Apparel On Indiegogo

April 9, 2014

Camera Can Be Controlled Through A Touch Sensor Or A Smartphone App To Record And Share Instantly On Social Media

NEW YORK, April 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — NewViewWear, the world’s first wearable camera apparel, is officially launching on Indiegogo, a platform that makes it possible to raise necessary production capital for manufacturing. The patented technology features apparel (three different styles – polo, hoodie and fleece) with a removable ten millimeter HD camera to capture life on the go. The versatile HD camera enables wireless connectivity and the ability to customize automated video and photo recording modes, allowing multiple uses with its accessories. NewViewWear is available at http://www.NewViewWear.com/ and will ship to first backers for $189, which includes the apparel, camera, accessories and USB cable.

The new wearable camera apparel will allow customers to record all important parts of their lives without having to physically hold a camera. The technology is extremely simple to use and will make capturing important life moments more fashionable.

NewViewWear features:

Wearable Technology: Fit the occasion and choose your apparel style. NewViewWear is the first mobile, smart, HD wearable camera apparel technology.

Wireless Connectivity: Control the NewViewWear camera remotely with a smartphone app in order to record, view, change modes, store wirelessly and share instantly recorded footage on social media.

Versatile: Use NewViewWear in practically all situations with its accessories. Remove the camera from the apparel and attach to various clips and mounts. Use it as a dashcam or affix it to various surfaces, moving objects and more.

Standalone and Companion: The NewViewWear camera can be used on its own in either photo or video mode with built-in buttons for recording and mode selection. Tap it twice to snap a photo or tap three times to retro capture up to the last five minutes of recorded video. Connect it to its companion app for additional wireless features, including transferring recordings without the need to plug the camera into a computer with a USB cable.

Automated Recording Modes:

a) Time Lapse Photography mode – capture photos at the time lapse of your choice from one to 120 second delay

b) Automated “Time Lapse” Video mode – set your preferred video capture length and the time lapse interval of your choice to capture video automatically

c) Loop recording mode – select the duration of the loop recording

d) Retro save with touch sensor – never lose a great moment by tapping to save up to the last five minutes of video recording

SOURCE NewViewWear

Source: PR Newswire

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