Swordfish Financial, Inc. Commits To Invest In A Series Of Oil Producing Wells

April 16, 2014

SOUTHLAKE, Texas, April 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Swordfish Financial, Inc. (OTC QB: SWRF) — As announced in February, our new structure has provided SWRF with the ability to identify and structure well planned investments in new verticals. We have the ability to increase our portfolio and thereby increase the valuation of the company through strategic acquisitions of cash producing companies,” said Clark Ortiz, CEO of Swordfish Financial, Inc.

The purchase agreement comes from months of pursuit entering into an income generating position with oil companies which are presently producing oil, while providing the team necessary for on going acquisitions. “This is the first of announcements to come of wells in queue which we are uniquely positioned to acquire from 15%-45% of all productions,” continued Mr. Ortiz.

The sellers, Mr. Ron Moss and Mr. William Rahauser carry on the business of Oil Producing wells and future wells in development and a corporation described as Catalyst Operation, LLC registered in the State of Texas. Swordfish will acquire 100% of Catalyst Operations, LLC along with designated wells presently producing and a series of wells presently in queue. “Our relationship with Mr. Moss, who is the CEO of Royal Oil, Inc. provides an on going relationship whereby Swordfish will continue to acquire positions in many projects. It has been our sincerest desire for us to build a relationship to fund and acquire production in this vertical,” says Mr. Ortiz.

Our unique strategy is to acquire the first group of wells which consist of 6 wells with each projected to produce 50-150 bpd with 75,000 – 150,000 of recoverable barrels of oil in reserve. The second group being 10 wells could produce 20-40 bpd. These and other oil assets will be held in Catalyst Operations, LLC which Swordfish Financial, Inc. will own 100% interest.

Shareholder Update:

    --  The filing of the 10K was submitted today and would reflect on the OTC
        Markets website by tomorrow April 17th.
    --  Shareholder podcast will resume on a weekly bases. Please submit all
        questions regarding topics of all Press Releases previously published.
        The podcast will be produced and broadcast through iTunes and
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    --  iPoint Television will be announcing the details of it's new Set Top Box
        which is presently available overseas and should be available throughout
        the Americas as soon as August 2014.

About Swordfish Financial, Inc.

Swordfish Financial, Inc. (SFI) is a publicly held diversified financial company designed to acquire undercapitalized assets with a high level of profitability in the digital, entertainment, Smart technology and energy industries. SFI develops capital while providing valuable opportunity of loans and/or investment in, small and medium sized organizations with the goal of increasing investor value.

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Email: Clark.Ortiz@SwordfishFinancial.com

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