Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems Partners with 5 Gyres to Research Plastic Pollution in the Northeastern Atlantic

April 22, 2014

Sponsorship Aligns with Rainbow Light’s Fifth Year of Using EcoGuard 100 Percent Upcycled Packaging Technology for Best Practices in Sustainability

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., April 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems, the number-one most trusted natural vitamin brand, extends its commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) that began with the introduction of the first natural, food-based vitamins more than 30 years ago. In honor of Earth Day, today Rainbow Light highlighted five milestones toward its long-term mission to promote personal and planetary health:

    1. Rainbow Light has welcomed key natural trade partners into its Circle of
       Care, CSR program. The partnerships will be instrumental in helping fight
       global under-nutrition, and promote best practices in environmental
    2. Through its Circle of Care program, Rainbow Light is helping fund the 5
       Gyres, http://5gyres.org/, a non-profit with a mission to end plastic
    3. Rainbow Light nears its fifth year of using EcoGuard 100 percent upcycled
       packaging technology that now keeps approximately 10 million plastic
       bottles from entering the waste-stream every year.
    4. Rainbow Light is a top sponsor of the Beneath the Waves Film Festival in
       Santa Cruz, http://www.beneaththewavesfilmfest.org/, bringing together
       global film makers to help build awareness for marine conservation.
    5. Rainbow Light nears the move-in date to its new corporate headquarters,
       the anchor building in the Delaware Addition, a LEED (leadership in
       energy and environmental design) neighborhood pilot project certified by
       the United States Green Building Council. The Santa Cruz Delaware
       Addition has helped set the new international standard for sustainable

A World Free of Plastic Pollution

Rainbow Light commissioned the industry’s first environmental impact study to establish best practices for reducing its packaging footprint almost 25 years ago. By repurposing existing plastic, Rainbow Light learned it could reduce carbon emissions seven-fold over other alternatives. The study ultimately led to the development of EcoGuard bottles, which are made from 100-percent post-consumer recycled and infinitely recyclable plastic. With this technology, Rainbow Light now keeps approximately 10 million bottles from entering the waste-stream every year.

“From the early days at Rainbow Light, we’ve always known that promoting health in people would go hand-in-hand with promoting the health of the planet,” said Linda Kahler, president and CEO of Rainbow Light. “We believe corporate social responsibility is both an honor and obligation of business leadership and with a solutions focus we can address some of the most critical problems of our day. EcoGuard plastic upcycling, and sponsoring 5 Gyres research are two prime examples.”

Rainbow Light’s Circle of Care – Supporting Healthy Oceans

This year Rainbow Light became a supporter of 5 Gyres, an organization with the mission to end plastic pollution. June of this year, the 5 Gyres crew will set sail on a research expedition to explore pollution in the Northeastern Atlantic Gyre, as well as the Viking Gyre, areas of the Atlantic that have yet to be studied.

“There is no one solution to plastic pollution,” says Anna Cummins, co-founder of 5 Gyres. “One step we can take is to employ the cradle-to-cradle philosophy to improve recovery and reuse of plastic. This means that a product is designed with an afterlife, a plan for recovery, or ease of dismantling and recycling.”

5 Sad Facts about Plastic

    1. Americans throw away over 2.5 million plastic bottles, every hour, that's
       35 billion plastic bottles a year, or enough to circle the Earth four
    2. Much of the plastic we don't reclaim ends up as trash that flows into our
       oceans through storm drains and watersheds.
    3. Over 100,000 marine mammals, one million seabirds and countless fish die
       each year from eating or becoming entangled in plastic.
    4. Ninety percent of ocean debris is plastic.
    5. Only about 25 percent of the plastic produced in the U.S. is recycled.

5 Happy Facts about Plastic

    1. If we recycled the other 75 percent of the wasted plastic, we could save
       one billion gallons of oil a year--and plastic is virtually infinitely
    2. By converting to EcoGuard plastic bottles, Rainbow Light has reduced its
       carbon footprint by 92 percent.
    3. Recycling plastic generally takes 88 percent less energy than making
       plastic from raw materials.
    4. By creating a demand for recycled plastics, companies like Rainbow Light
       can turn plastic waste into a useful commodity.
    5. Everyone has it in their power to be part of the solution.

5 Ways to Make a Difference: Amended from 5gyres.org

    1. Bring our own water bottle, mug, utensils and reusable bag. (underwater,
       plastic bags look like jellyfish to whales and other sea life that feed
       on jellyfish).
    2. Say 'No Plastic Straw Please" when we dine out.
    3. Buy what's in the least amount of plastic packaging.
    4. Pick up five pieces of plastic pollution if we see litter when we're out.
    5. Help our family, friends and co-workers understand that when we work
       together little things make a big difference.

To learn more, visit 5gyres.org, and join Rainbow Light at the Beneath the Waves Film Festival in celebration of World Ocean’s Day. Admission to the festival is free and takes place on June 7 from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center in Santa Cruz, located at 35 Pacific Avenue across from the Municipal Wharf.

About Rainbow Light(®

Rainbow Light is the number-one most trusted natural vitamin brand. All Rainbow Light formulations are research-backed to deliver optimal health benefits with a blend of superfood concentrates, organic spirulina and herbal extracts. Plant enzymes, probiotics and botanicals are added to enhance digestion and nutrient absorption for the Rainbow Light difference, a difference you can feel. To learn more about Rainbow Light’s wellness formulas and the Circle of Care, CSR program visit: www.rainbowlight.com and facebook.com/RainbowLightNS.


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