Technoport: This Innovation Conference Uses the Power of “the Crowd” to Meet Global Challenges

April 25, 2014

TRONDHEIM, Norway, April 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

A traditional conference meets an exciting new concept in the Norwegian technology
capital next week.

Technoport [http://www.technoport.no ], the first Norwegian innovation conference to
host a real-time crowdfunding event for startups, gives stage to bidding entrepreneurs in
Trondheim, Norway on April 25-30.

Jonas Kjellberg (Sweden) who helped build up Skype, editor David Rowan (UK) from Wired
UK, Johan H. Andresen (Norway) from Ferd, Liz Wald (US) from crowdfunding platform
Indiegogo, and Lauren Anderson (AUS) from Collaborative Consumption are among the speakers
who gathers for Technoport in Trondheim. Find the full list of speakers here.
[http://2014.technoport.no/speakers ]

“The city of Trondheim has fostered exciting semiconductor and search technology from
its world-class research facilities. Now it looks to the future by involving the crowd
throughout an innovation conference, culminating in Norway’s first ever live equity
crowdfunding show”, says Technoport CEO Goril Forbord.

“We are experimenting with a new conference concept. We will transform the
University’s Great Hall into a market where participants can invest in startup companies.
We’ve invited companies the likes of Ericsson to present their future challenges and
participants will attempt to resolve them. We call this Share the Problem”, says Forbord.

A live webcast will be available on the Technoport website at http://technoport.no

Live Equity Experiment

For the first time in Norway selected startups will attempt to fund themselves
directly at a live event. All companies pitch to the public who can buy as many shares in
their favourites as their bank account allows.

“We’ve compiled a handful of exciting companies that try to sell shares in their
company to ordinary people, just like you and me”, says Forbord.

Read more about the event and startups here [http://crowd.technoport.no ]

A problem shared

The second new concept is based on an unwavering belief in our participants’ skills
and brainpower. Technoport has invited companies to present industry problems and
challenges and ask for the help of conference participants to solve.

“Problem owners Ericsson, OMC, A-Aqua and Transnova all wished to participate to reap
the knowledge and experience of Technoport attendees”, says Forbord.

Read more on Share the Problem here. [http://2014.technoport.no/sessions ]

About Technoport 2014

Technoport is an annual international conference in Trondheim where investors,
researchers, entrepreneurs, business leaders and students meet to share new ideas and
innovate. The conference is organized by Technoport, an organization working to promote
the importance of technology and innovation as key enablers to tackle global challenges.
Register here [https://form.arkon.no/?id=1614&key=ad2415c7e792336ab3b3bb927e79040a524c45b4

The conference takes is Apr. 28-30, 2014 at Gloshaughen, Trondheim. Address:



        Goril Forbord
        CEO, Technoport


Live webcast: http://technoport.no

Pictures from previous Technoport events:


SOURCE Technoport.no

Source: PR Newswire

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