Cayden receives excellent preliminary metallurgical results from El Barqueño

April 29, 2014

VANCOUVER, April 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – Cayden Resources Inc. (TSX.V:CYD, OTCQX: CDKNF) (“Cayden” or the “Company“) is pleased to announce that it has received initial results from its preliminary metallurgical test programs at it’s El Barqueño project in Jalisco, Mexico where cyanide leach tests achieved up to 96.9% gold recoveries.

The results are from whole-ore cyanidation and rougher floatation tests from 5 composite samples taken throughout the Azteca target. The test program is being conducted at ALS Metallurgy under the supervision of metallurgical consultant Thomas Shouldice (Qualified Person).

Table 1: Head grades of composite samples:

                                                             Head Grades

      Composite Description                  Au (g/t)  Ag (g/t)  Cu (%)
      ---------------------                  --------  --------   -----

                          1   Quartz Matrix -
                              Chalcopyrite Zone            1.52      16   0.66

                          2   Hematite Matrix -Oxide
                              Zone                         2.28      10   0.20

                          3   Hematite Matrix -Below
                              Oxide Zone                   2.44       8   0.12

                          4   Fault Crushed Vein Zone
                              with Gouge                   4.22       9   0.06

                          5   Fault Gouge with High
                              Au, Cu, +/-Ag, Pb, Zn
                              (rare)                       1.35      27   0.67
                         --  ----------------------        ----     ---   ----

The whole ore cyanidation tests were performed at a nominal 100um K80 grind size with a cyanide dosage of 2000 ppm solution strength. Gold recoveries across all the composites exceeded 90% with the exception of composite 5.

Table 2: Whole ore cyanidation test results:

      Composite Description        Au (%) Ag (%)
      ---------------------         -----   -----

     1   Quartz Matrix -
         Chalcopyrite Zone          94.5    55.9

     2   Hematite Matrix -Oxide
         Zone                       96.9    70.1

     3   Hematite Matrix -Below
         Oxide Zone                 95.4    68.3

     4   Fault Crushed Vein Zone
         with Gouge                 91.0    78.3

     5   Fault Gouge with High
         Au, Cu, +/-Ag, Pb, Zn
         (rare)                     61.8    47.9
    --  ----------------------      ----    ----

Composite 5 had higher cyanide consumption due to elevated sulphide content but typically such an extraction would not be completed with cyanide leach only. Flotation would be used to remove the sulphides for optimal recovery.

The rougher flotation tests were performed at a nominal 90 um K80 grind size and a circuit pH of 9. These results showed significantly higher copper and silver recoveries while gold recoveries were between 72.5% and 82.4%.

Table 3: Rougher floatation test results:


      Composite Description                    Au (%) Ag (%) Cu (%)
      ---------------------                     -----   -----   -----

                          1   Quartz Matrix -
                              Chalcopyrite Zone          81.4    81.9   90.9

                          2   Hematite Matrix -Oxide
                              Zone                       82.4    60.1   66.8

                          3   Hematite Matrix -Below
                              Oxide Zone                 80.9    79.1   87.7

                          4   Fault Crushed Vein Zone
                              with Gouge                 78.0    74.6   89.7

                          5   Fault Gouge with High
                              Au, Cu, +/-Ag, Pb, Zn
                              (rare)                     72.5    82.9   89.7
                         --  ----------------------      ----    ----   ----

The results suggest very promising potential to produce gold and other metals using a standard leach plant, through a floatation plant or a hybrid process that would maximize the extraction of gold, copper and silver. Even though the results are preliminary and little optimization has yet been performed they clearly afford the Company flexibility in how to develop the project.

Cayden is currently undertaking additional batch cleaner and cyanidation tests on tails from the floatation circuit.

President and CEO, Ivan Bebek states: “Having excellent preliminary metallurgical results from both leach and flotation tests is remarkable at this stage of project development. We look forward to rapidly advancing the El Barqueno project on all fronts.”

Qualified Persons - The metallurgical testwork was completed by ALS Laboratories, under the supervision of Thomas Shouldice P.Eng. of TS Technical Services Ltd., a Qualified Person under the terms of NI 43-101. Thomas Shouldice, P.Eng of TS Technical Services Ltd., is independent of Cayden and has approved the contents of this press release that pertain to the metallurgical test work results and their interpretation.

About Cayden Resources – Cayden is a junior mining company focused on delivering shareholder value through the acquisition, exploration and development of precious metal projects in Mexico. The management team at Cayden is highly experienced with an impressive track record of success in the discovery, development and financing of mineral projects. Cayden is also strongly committed to the highest standards for environmental management, social responsibility, health and safety for its employees and neighboring communities. Cayden trades on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol “CYD” and under CDKNF on the OTCQX Exchange.? For more information on Cayden Resources, please visit our website at www.caydenresources.com ??

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