SitBetter Launches New Public Awareness Campaign About the Best Ergonomic Chairs

May 20, 2014

SitBetter, a San Diego based company providing high quality ergonomic solutions, informs office workers what they need to know about their furniture. Without the best ergonomic chairs, employees could face several health issues.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) May 20, 2014

SitBetter, an office furniture supplier based out of San Diego, wants office workers to know more about the debilitating health conditions that un-ergonomic office furniture can cause. In addition to selling a wide variety of ergonomic chairs, SitBetter is now providing customers and clients with a chair finding service that will help guide businesses to an appropriate ergonomic solution.

With proper ergonomic furniture, employers can help their employees sit correctly, in a way that doesn't force the body into any unnatural positions. Poor posture can cause employees to suffer from neck pain, back pain, disc injuries, headaches and musculoskeletal issues.

Employees can strain their cervical vertebrae when they crane their necks forward, which could potentially lead to permanent imbalances. This position also damages other parts of the body, since it causes the shoulders and back to overextend. Poor posture can also cause disc damage because it forces the soft, sponge-like discs between the vertebrae to become squashed, preventing them from absorbing the necessary amounts of nutrients and blood. When there isn't the proper amount of fluid exchange, collagen can coagulate and harden, causing inflexibility. This lack of fluid exchange in the spine is also part of the reason why poor posture can cause headaches.

The best ergonomic chairs have several features that can potentially keep such problems from occurring, such as lumbar support that allows the spine to curve naturally, adjustable height settings to accommodate for a person's size, reclining angles of seat backs that let employees change their seating position, and five casters on the floor for a support system that properly spreads a person's bodyweight out.

According to SitBetter, the best ergonomic chairs can do tremendous good, but only if they've been properly adjusted. After all, everyone has a different, height, weight, and body type, which means that the best settings for someone bigger could be the worst settings for a smaller person.

"When sitting in an office chair, your feet should always be flat on the floor. There should be a 90 degree knee angle. If the individual is shorter, they should invest in a foot rest so their feet are not dangling," said Alec Lopez, CFO of SitBetter.

To view SitBetter’s extensive catalog of office chairs and ergonomic chairs priced for any budget, please visit sitbetter.com.

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