Escape from Seasonal Allergies: SMART Carpet and Flooring Offers Premium Selection of Allergy-reducing Fibers and Treatments from Leading Manufacturers

June 2, 2014

MANASQUAN, N.J., June 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Keeping seasonal allergies locked outside where they belong might be as simple as choosing the right carpet. Today, flooring manufacturers understand how their products are an integral factor in creating and maintaining indoor air quality. SMART Carpet and Flooring (http://www.smartcarpet.com), the company that’s changing the way people shop for and buy carpet, has many choices that are designed to make life a little easier for people with allergies and asthma.


“Many of our customers are surprised just how much technology goes into modern carpet and flooring,” commented Brendan Phillips, president of SMART Carpet and Flooring. “Some carpets are even manufactured and specially treated to reduce the amount of allergens floating around, which improves air quality in the home.”

Until recently, the conventional wisdom has held that bare floor is superior to carpet in terms of indoor air quality, particularly for those with allergies. Empirical research, though, has turned that wisdom on its head. A 2008 study examining results from numerous prior studies solidified the fact that all things being equal, carpet is better at reducing allergens in the air. Another study in Sweden showed a distinct correlation between carpet sales and reports of adult allergies: as the market share for carpet fell, allergy reports went up.

As opposed to bare flooring, carpet fibers work to grab and hold allergens, including animal dander, dust and microbes. Gravity pulls particles down where they settle into the carpet. In this way, wall-to-wall carpeting is like a continuous air filter. By contrast, anything that settles on a hardwood or laminate floor can be stirred up by someone walking through the room or even the tiniest draft.

Among the best choices in asthma- and allergy-friendly carpeting are those featuring Magic Fresh® and Silver Release® carpet treatments, both sold under the Bliss Flooring label. Magic Fresh® gives carpets the power to eliminate odors naturally, which can reduce the need for sometimes irritating air fresheners and powders. Many homeowners are unaware of odor problems in their own home because they’ve become accustomed to them. Magic Fresh® offers peace of mind in knowing that visitors will smell nothing but cleanliness.

Silver Release® carpet treatment uses silver, zinc and copper ions that bind to and deactivate the microscopic causes of allergies – bacteria, mold and mildew. The natural and safe antimicrobial properties of silver have long been recognized, with applications in the healthcare industry, among others. Both Magic Fresh® and Silver Release® treatments are applied during manufacturing, meaning that consumers don’t have to “do” anything to activate them. Plus, both treatments are certified to last the life of the carpet.

DuPont has once more proven its R&D mettle by producing a “kid safe” and allergy friendly carpet fiber known as triexta. Sold by Mohawk, triexta dries quickly and is resistant to mold, mildew and bacterial buildup, making it a superior choice for anyone with seasonal and indoor allergies.

Of course, the full air quality benefits of carpet won’t be realized without the proper maintenance. This includes regular and thorough vacuuming, along with professional cleaning every year or two. Finally, for moderate and severe allergies, one should always consult with a medical doctor to identify treatments above and beyond the choice of home flooring.

About SMART Carpet and Flooring

SMART Carpet has managed to eliminate all the hassle of buying new carpet and flooring. Our system is simple, everything is done at home – your home – where color and quality selection matter most. Expert measuring is completed before choosing from the thousands of styles and colors that are available.

Because SMART Carpet is a “Mill-Direct” buying service and not a store, our customers can save up to 50% off typical store prices. No store, no expensive overhead costs absorbed into the price of your flooring. Almost everything is included with SMART Carpet, from the measuring and layout to the quality padding. We even move the furniture.

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