Engineered Quartz Sand Functional Fillers Help Manufacturers Reduce Costs

June 3, 2014

FORT LEE, N.J., June 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — BassTech International – http://basstechintl.com – a New Jersey-based global supplier of specialty raw materials and chemicals, has entered into a distribution partnership with Germany-based Dorfner Group for its customers in North America. Dorfner’s unique kaolin and crystalline quartz sand-based functional fillers are already used worldwide in industrial flooring, paint and coatings, glass, paper, building materials, and composite materials.

Costs in industrial flooring can be reduced when less binder is used in proportion to the amount of filler. Through decades of research and development, Dorfner produces innovative functional filler systems that outperform natural sands at reducing resin consumption and decreasing final costs while providing exceptional strength.

Dorfner’s DORSIMIX® filler blends are engineered to reduce costs while providing outstanding grip and durability for industrial and commercial flooring. They are ideal for use in retail, hospitals, schools, colleges, train stations, airports and more.

GRANUCOL® colored quartz sands, available in more than 120 shades, offer designers a virtually unlimited palette of design options. Along with its exceptional color stability, GRANUCOL® is highly resilient and extremely durable. It is used as a main component in modern kitchen sinks and industrial flooring in a variety of settings including decorative sales floors, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

“Granucol now offers architectural sanitary ware designers the ability to produce custom composite fixtures/sinks at a fraction of the traditional ceramic cost, while enhancing flexibility in colors, style, speed and mold design,” said Alan Chalup, COO of BassTech International.

For more information, visit BassTech International online or contact a representative at (201) 569-8686 or info@basstechintl.com.

About BassTech International:

BassTech International, a member of the NACD and C-TPAT accredited, has been developing and supplying specialty raw materials to industries worldwide since 1994 from its network of offices and warehouses in North America, Europe and Asia. Visit http://www.basstechintl.com.

About Dorfner:

Dorfner is one of Europe’s oldest producers of kaolin products, quartz sand, colored quartz sand, and engineered filler systems. Their lab has been innovating for over fifty years. Visit http://www.dorfner.de/en/.

SOURCE BassTech International

Source: PR Newswire

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