Scaleo Chip and GLOBALFOUNDRIES Announce First Automotive MCU Manufactured Using 55nm Automotive-Specific Semiconductor Platform

June 4, 2014

SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France and SANTA CLARA, California, June 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

Scaleo chip today announced that they are the first fabless company to introduce an
automotive microcontroller manufactured with the new GLOBALFOUNDRIES 55nm
automotive-specific advanced semiconductor manufacturing platform.

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Scaleo chip, the leading fabless semiconductor company in automotive electronics for
powertrain, body control and driver-information, has used the GLOBALFOUNDRIES 55nm eFlash
NVM Platform to develop a new family of microcontrollers embedding unique technologies
related to real-time process and control of highly electrified internal combustion engines
and electric motors based on programmable logic (AMEC(R)), as well as a set of ISO 26262
compliant functional safety features which improve powertrain system safety integrity and
accuracy (SILant(R)).

GLOBALFOUNDRIES, a leading provider of advanced semiconductor manufacturing technology
and a member of the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC), developed the optimized
semiconductor manufacturing platform to specifically meet the stringent and evolving needs
of the automotive industry. Built on the company’s 55nm Low Power process and AEC-Q100
Group D qualified, the platform supports the implementation of non-volatile memory (NVM)
in MCUs and SoC designs, as well as best-in-class, automotive grade SST-based embedded
flash technology.

With a projected revenue growth of about 11% over the 2013-2016 period, automotive
semiconductors are one of the fastest growing segments, with about twice the growth rate
of the mobile device segment. The growing need for fuel-efficient, eco-friendly, safer and
more connected cars is sustaining an increase of electronics content in vehicles.
Powertrain applications are one of the fastest growing sub-segments and car manufacturers
require more integrated, powerful and complex electronic systems to address both the
stringent ISO 26262 functional safety standard along with mandatory reduction of emissions
and fuel consumption.

“The growing need for advanced automotive electronics is driving semiconductor
companies to strengthen their collaboration with foundry partners, so together we can act
at all levels of the supply chain to provide the best products to our customers,” said Ana
Hunter, vice president of product management at GLOBALFOUNDRIES. “The combination of
Scaleo chip’s new microcontrollers and our 55nm automotive platform will improve the
efficiency, performance, and power consumption of automotive ICs while maintaining
adherence to the industry’s strict safety and quality standards.”

“Above and beyond the quality and efficiency of GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ technology and team,
their long-term commitment to the automotive market, demonstrated by their current
investment and roadmap, is a key foundation of our preference for the GLOBALFOUNDRIES 55nm
eFlash NVM Platform,” said Bruno Paucard, President & CEO of Scaleo chip. “We see
GLOBALFOUNDRIES as a critical partner for us, fully supporting the success of Scaleo chip
and our products as well as the satisfaction of our customers.”

OLEA microcontroller silicon samples are already available for selected customers.
Demonstration of the first plug-in, full hybrid demonstration car powered by OLEA
microcontrollers will be available shortly.

About Scaleo chip:

Scaleo chip is a fabless semiconductor company that designs, develops and sells
complete and high value solutions, combining System-on-Chip (SoC) and embedded software
for the future of automotive electronics industry. Scaleo chip product offering includes
standard automotive microcontrollers addressing powertrain, body control, driver
information and infotainment applications. The company leverages its technology and
know-how by offering additionally custom products development and manufacturing for
applications requiring added quality constraints as in defense or industrial markets.
Scaleo chip is headquartered in Sophia-Antipolis, France. For more information, visit:



GLOBALFOUNDRIES is the world’s first full-service semiconductor foundry with a truly
global footprint. Launched in March 2009, the company has quickly achieved scale as the
second largest foundry in the world, providing a unique combination of advanced technology
and manufacturing to more than 160 customers. With operations in Singapore, Germany and
the United States, GLOBALFOUNDRIES is the only foundry that offers the flexibility and
security of manufacturing centers spanning three continents. The company’s three 300mm
fabs and five 200mm fabs provide the full range of process technologies from mainstream to
the leading edge. This global manufacturing footprint is supported by major facilities for
research, development and design enablement located near hubs of semiconductor activity in
the United States, Europe and Asia. GLOBALFOUNDRIES is owned by Mubadala Development
Company. For more information, visit http://www.globalfoundries.com.





Source: PR Newswire

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