Polystar Containment Announces New Non-Fire Rated Storage Building

June 26, 2014

Polystar’s Storage Building Ensures High Standard of Spill Prevention

STOW, Ohio, June, 26 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Polystar Containment, a manufacturer of secondary containment systems and spill prevention equipment, has added a new Non-Fire Rated Storage Building to their innovative collection of containment products. This new product is intended for storing hazardous materials such as caustic chemicals, paint, fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. It also stores additional EPA regulated hazardous materials and comes in various door sizes and configurations.

The product features a sturdy sump foundation manufactured with “I” beam construction, which provides added strength. Polystar assures this storage building will capture potential spills. The building is hand welded with 12 gauge steel and the interior is coated with a chemically resistant finish for durability. The exterior is reinforced with an epoxy polyurethane system–which is chemically bonded before application for higher quality–to protect it from outdoor elements.

Standard features of the Non-Fire Rated Storage include:

    --  Spill containment sump
    --  Epoxy polyurethane coated exterior
    --  Chemically resistant interior coating
    --  Static grounding rod
    --  Floor loading of 500 pounds per square foot
    --  Permanent anchoring/seismic restraints
    --  Vents
    --  Three point door latch with 'L' handle and lockable pad
    --  Self draining roof
    --  Forklift accessibility
    --  Heavy gauge steel

Polystar also offers optional features on this product, which include:

    --  Lighting
    --  Shelving
    --  Mechanical ventilation
    --  Sump drain
    --  Removable fiberglass or galvanized steel grating

The newly released Non-Fire Rated Storage Building is built with strength and durability, a cornerstone of manufacturing at Polystar. This dependable product, which was designed for lasting quality and easy relocation, exemplifies innovative workmanship.

“Our professional, hand welded storage building is a proud new addition to our heavy duty containment systems,” says Robert Nightwine, Director of Sales at Polystar Containment. “It’s all part of our commitment to the Polystar Advantage, which ensures our customers are satisfied and in good hands.”

About Polystar Containment:

Polystar Containment manufactures and installs equipment for spill prevention and secondary containment. It offers specialized equipment for industries such as petroleum, oil and gas drilling, rail cars, and fracking. This equipment is built to hold hazardous materials and the company is committed to helping businesses meet SPCC requirements. Contact Polystar Containment to learn more or receive a free quote. Robert Nightwine of Polystar Containment can be reached at 234-678-9020 for more information on this product release.

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