Statement by Wendy A. Tadros, Chair, Transportation Safety Board of Canada, on the anniversary of the Lac-Mégantic train accident

July 4, 2014

GATINEAU, QC, July 4, 2014 /CNW/ – As we approach the first anniversary
of the most devastating train accident in Canadian history, I assure
the people of Lac-Mégantic, and all Canadians, that the ongoing
investigation into this tragedy remains our top priority.

Investigations are complex, and we take the time to conduct a thorough,
science-based examination to find out what happened and why. We have a
team of highly-skilled experts dedicated to this investigation, and we
expect to release the TSB’s report in the next few months. However, if
crucial safety information needs to be communicated right away, we
don’t wait for the final report to be released. Throughout this
investigation we issued 3 recommendations and 4 safety advisory letters
which are all found on the active investigation page on the TSB website.

On this somber anniversary, I would like to say to the families who lost
loved ones–you will soon have more answers, and we will continue
advocating for the changes needed to ensure this never happens again.

SOURCE Transportation Safety Board of Canada

Source: PR Newswire

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