L.B. White Automatic Variable Rate Heaters for Pig Production Buildings Integrate With Genius and Expert Series II Environmental Controls

July 16, 2014

ONALASKA, Wis., July 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — L.B. White Company, a leading global manufacturer of agricultural heating solutions, is partnering with environmental control companies to deliver automatic variable rate heat for pig production buildings. The Monitrol Genius Series control is the most recent environmental control with the required hardware and software to manage the patent-pending L.B. White automatic variable rate heat technology. The AP Systems Expert Series II control is coming soon. Additionally, Maximus Systems and Dicam USA manufacture building controls with variable rate heat capability.

Automatic variable rate heat technology produces only the amount of heat required to reach and maintain temperatures within 0.5° to 1.0°F of a temperature set point–the result is consistent, even temperatures throughout the room for optimal pig comfort level. Smart Sense, the new heating system, provides up to 35 percent in fuel cost savings (annualized) and shows significant cost reduction during spring and fall seasons. The system automatically modulates btu output when there is a demand for heat. In comparison, standard on/off heaters are less efficient because of overshoot and undershoot in room temperature. The inefficiency in standard heaters is due to the heaters running at 100 percent of maximum btu output every time there is a call for heat.

“Integrators and growers are adopting automatic variable rate heat for two reasons; heat management efficiency and input cost reduction,” said Marcus Schmitz, Product Marketing Manager at L.B. White Company. “With controls that operate variable rate heat you can see the percent of heater btu output automatically modulate as needed to meet the demand for heat. Once room temperature stabilizes, box heaters and brooders run at a rate significantly less than 100 percent btu output–that’s when you begin to realize tangible cost savings.”

On start up in a cold room, the proportional gas valve in the new box heaters and the automatic zone panel for brooder heaters receive an analog signal from the environmental house control. The signal received is based on an average reading from temperature sensors in the room. The system then automatically modulates btu output to stabilize temperature in the swine building. Automatic variable rate heaters can operate at firing rates as low as 25 percent of maximum output. If minimum output is maintained for 90 consecutive seconds, the heater will automatically shut off.

To learn more about automatic variable rate heat, visit www.lbwhite.com/products/swine-heaters/smart-sense-heating-system. Contact environmental control manufacturers directly for more information about hardware and software compatibility with L.B. White variable rate heaters.

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L.B. White Company is a leading global manufacturer of agricultural heating solutions including forced air heaters, radiant heat brooders, portable heaters, and tube heaters for pig buildings and poultry houses. Since 1952, L.B. White has provided heating solutions for agricultural equipment distributors, pig and poultry integrators, hog producers and poultry growers worldwide. L.B. White is a privately-held company headquartered in Onalaska, Wisconsin.

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