ColorStars Group (CSTU) Introduces Smart LED Lighting System for Residential, Commercial and Hospitality Applications

July 16, 2014

TAIPEI, Taiwan and CORONA, Calif., July 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — ColorStars Group (CSTU) introduces a new family of smart LED lighting system based on an innovative control technology. The new system ranges from controllers, dimmers, smart drivers, and various LED light bulbs and lighting fixtures with built-in smart power drivers that can change the color temperature of light and dim the light output. These include the 10-Watt A19 bulbs, the 15-Watt BR30 bulbs, 18-Watt BR40 bulbs, downlights, T5, T8 tubes and 2×2, 2×4 light panels. All of these smart lamps can change color temperature and provide smooth dimming by the following 4 different control methods: (1) use of the existing switch only; (2) use of the existing TRIAC dimmers installed for CFL and incandescent bulbs; (3) use of an iDimmer; and (4) use of an in-line ipHost controller. The ipHost controller is Wi-Fi ready and can be controlled via iPhones or the Android smart phones with local Wi-Fi network, or via the cloud. Aside from the control keypads on the ipHost, an IR remote controller and a wall-mount touch panel can be used as control interface to the ipHost controller. With the option of using the existing On/Off switch or the TRIAC dimmer the consumer can simply retrofit the traditional CFL, Halogen, or Incandescent bulbs with our smart LED lamp without any additional wiring.

“One of the core technologies of ColorStars is the color-changing system and control and communication technology. We are excited that we can create this new family of smart lighting system by leveraging these building blocks of technologies. Now you can easily change the color-temperature, switch on and off or dim the light by any combination of control devices such as the existing TRIAC dimmer, regular On/Off switch, IR remote control, smart phone, tablet or PC. You can also create various scene control mode based on different mood or event functions. Together with the cloud controllability and smart phone Apps you can enjoy the quality of lighting and the fun experience as never before!” said Wer-Rur Chen, Chairman, President & CEO, ColorStars Group.

ColorStars is the leading LED lighting solution provider. Founded in 2002, ColorStars is one of the very few LED lighting pioneers and has been endeavoring to design and develop new LED lighting systems including LED packaging, LED drivers, controllers, and LED lamps and fixtures.

Please visit www.colorstarsgroup.com for additional product and company information.

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Source: PR Newswire

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