4th International Workshop On Lunarcubes to Take Place October 7 -10, 2014

September 2, 2014

The 4th International Workshop on LunarCubes will be held from October 7-10, 2014 in Sunnyvale, CA, and will provide detailed information about developing technologies and available opportunities in the CubeSat and LunarCubes area. Find out how these small satellites are being used to explore space and their enormous potential in opening the Lunar Frontier.

SUNNYVALE, CA (PRWEB) September 02, 2014

Russell Cox, sponsor and CEO of Flexure Engineering notes, "The Lunar Renaissance has begun and LunarCubes will be the paving stones in the flexible path back to the Moon and on to the rest of the Solar System. Join us as we pave the path to the future at our International Workshop on LunarCubes October 7 -10, 2014.”

The conference, dubbed, “LCW 4” will allow guests to attend either in person or via the internet. The conference will see scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and investors join forces to determine ways to quickly develop game changing technologies, enabling future planetary science missions with a special focus on continued exploration of the moon. LCW 4 will also focus on tackling the challenges which currently face scientists, engineers, and aerospace firms. Technology development and testing, infrastructure and funding issues will all be covered during the workshop. Participants will have opportunities during each session not only to listen to formal presentations bringing them up to date on the latest developments, but also to participate in an informal design challenge involving all participants.

On Tuesday, Oct. 7, the workshop will focus on ongoing science investigations based on recently obtained lunar mission data as well as innovative concepts for extending those investigations using the CubeSat paradigm known as ‘LunarCubes’. Science topics covered will include lunar ices and other volatiles, as well as dynamic interactions of dust, charged particles, and volatiles between and within the lunar interior, surface and atmosphere. LunarCube concepts to be presented will include the first officially selected deep space CubeSat missions (for the NASA EM1 opportunity) as well as newer concepts now under development, such as “TAPS” – Transient Asteroids and Planetesmals. The evening will be reserved for posters, networking and business development and community building.

The following day will be dedicated to the technology already available or under development to enable LunarCubes missions, as well as a special session on new approaches to flight dynamics, which are critical for CubeSat transportation beyond low Earth orbit. The instruments, systems, and subsystems along with the mechanics and software that goes into a LunarCube will be covered in detail during the day with the LCW 4 Keynote Banquet taking place in the evening.

On Thursday, Oct. 9, the workshop will turn its attention to the communication and transportation infrastructure required in Cislunar space, and the capabilities, challenges, and solutions required to create it. Newly available capabilities for delivering CubeSats beyond LEO, including launch vehicles and platforms, will be covered. A V.I.P.P. dinner will be held during the evening to honor Vendors, Investors, Presenters and Partners.    

The final day of the workshop will look at the lunar frontier as what it is – a place of entrepreneurs and visionaries. The business of space, finding funds for your space-based company, marketing for “astropreneurs” and sessions detailing ways in which to increase collaborative efforts will be presented. You’ll hear from a variety of experts in a variety of fields on the fourth and final day of LCW 4 at our Friday workshop entitled “Entrepreneurship on the Lunar Frontier.”

Go to http://www.lunarcubes.com for more information.

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