October 31, 2007

Double Dose of Innovation at PACK/PROCESS EXPO Shows

By Anonymous

The combination of PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2007 and PROCESS EXPO creates an unprecedented trade show atmosphere in which packaging and processing professionals from around the world come together to build bigger, better, up-to-the-minute businesses. PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2007 will focus on the latest developments in packaging technology and will showcase exhibitors' state-of-the-art advances in packaging machinery, converting machinery, materials, packages and containers, and components. PACK EXPO Las Vegas will continue to be held biennially on the odd-numbered years - ideal timing for new product technology. Exhibitors will bring their top technicians and engineers to provide packaging solutions to even the toughest packaging challenges.

PROCESS EXPO will focus on the newest developments in processing technology to meet the challenges faced by the industry's food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturers. PROCESS EXPO exhibitors will demonstrate state-of-the-art equipment in the fruit and vegetable, beverage, food safety and sanitation, confectionery, bakery, prepared foods, pharmaceutical, can making, meat, dairy and snack food industries.

PROCESS EXPO is sponsored and produced by Food Processing Suppliers Association (FPSA).

Several suppliers that partner with Candy Industry and who will be exhibiting at these shows are featured in the followed previews.

Sollich North America

Sollich North America is a full-service representative for leading manufacturers of process and packaging equipment for the confectionery, bakery and food industry. Sollich North America provides sales and after sales service for the entire range of equipment from Sollich, Chocotech, Knobel, Dumoulin, F.B. Lehmann, OPM Chocolate and Fima.

Sollich KG

Sollich KG will exhibit their small chocolate enrober type Minicoater TTS 320. This 12-inch enrober will be shown with a two- meter infeed table and a two-meter cooling tunnel section. The Sollich chocolate Clusterformer CF 320 will also be installed on the same line. The Sollich Minicoater is the ultimate enrobing machine for small production capacities for chocolatiers and development labs. The Sollich E4 Tempermeter will also be displayed; this is an ideal tool to confirm that chocolate is correctly tempered. Sollich will also have a Minitemper TFD 100/150 feeding a Knobel depositor which also appears on the same booth.

Sollich manufactures an extensive range of equipment including: forming, extrusion and cutting systems, automatic coating systems and cooling tunnels, chocolate tempering machines and moulding systems for confectionery snack foods and bakery. Complete Sollich bar lines produce most of the world's top selling bar products.

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Chocotech GmbH, the sister company of Sollich, will exhibit their Sucrofilm 1000 thin film cooker. The Sucrofilm is ideal for cooking difficult masses containing dairy, fruit, natural products or any heat sensitive syrup. The combination of the swept surface, narrow annulus, extremely short residence time and ability to operate under vacuum or pressure makes it one of the most adaptable heat exchangers available today.

Chocotech has both a Candy Division and a Chocolate Division. Chocotech's candy division manufactures the most comprehensive range of candy preparation; cooking; aeration; beating and forming equipment in the industry. Chocotech's Chocolate Division produces a range of chocolate equipment including a bakery enrobing line and the unique Frozenshell system, which is a mouldless chocolate forming system.

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Knobel of Switzerland will exhibit the KCM 9/18 CAD - Series Alpha one-shot triple axis depositor. It features the latest available technology with gearless linear-servo-drives on X and Y- axis; all other servos for piston-turning, volume and Z-axis are Alien Bradley. The execution is with heavy-duty-drives and gear- boxes. This machine can be used for one-shot, for decoration in moulds, for decorations on top of products, for free dressing on a belt or plaque, etc. Moreover, the 18 pistons allow either nine one- shot products or 18 solid deposits.

Knobel has an innovative range of depositors and ancillary equipment, all of which is modular so the line can grow with the business. The unique turning piston design gives the producer unrivaled accuracy and repeatability of depositing weights. Knobel developed and patented the ColdPress moulding concept. The company also supplies space-saving spiral coolers and demoulding.

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F.B. Lehmann

F.B. Lehmann has been in business for 150 years providing state of the art chocolate processing systems. Their turnkey lines include bean feeding and cleaning, continuous roasting, sterilizing, winnowing, alkalizing, disk mills, ball mills or roll refiners along with all necessary ancillary equipment. In addition they have a complete range of equipment for the manufacturing of nut pastes or butters along with system to manufacture compound coatings all of which make extensive use of their technologically advanced ball mills.

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Aasted-Mikroverk, which recently formed its Bakery Equipment division, will have a several of its equipment stars available for inspection at the IBIE show, including the Alice dough extruder for production set-up, a new convection oven, and its line of AMC SuperShear chocolate tempering machines for enrobing.

A year and a half in development, Alice treats virtually any kind of mass introduced - be it for a bakery, confectionery or snack product - gently, oh so gently. Thanks to such patented innovations such as the FlexBooster, a unique combination of flexible lamellas and a large diameter rotor, and the CamRotor, modular rotors capable of quick changeouts, the extrusion system retains the original texture of the dough or mass as much as possible, preventing compaction. In addition, the unit can also handle large as well as small inclusions, incorporating them into the mass in a nonstressed manner.

With Alice, the entire extruding/depositing assembly can be disattached, making it simple to hose down the entire unit in a washing area. The unit's design also allows different die tools to be quickly attached.

Following the success of Aasted-Mikrover's Alice extruder launch, the company just finished a complete tool range, one that even allows two-color cakes to be made with triple-shot runs.

The new portable ChocoMeter from Aasted-Mikroverk provides fast and highly accurate measurements of tempered chocolate. It has an integrated computer with a color touch-screen that is compact and sturdy. The ChocoMeter comes complete in a lockable transport case with test cups, charger, paper rolls, CDROM with manual and quality certificate.

In addition to showcasing the ChocoMeter, Aasted-Mikroverk will be displaying its AMC SuperShear line of temperers, which incorporates the SuperShear Scraper. The scraper delivers 100% more shear, higher throughout and lower kinetic energy thanks to its multiple-wing design. Variable flow technology enables precise control as well as flexibility to ensure consistent delivery of perfectly tempered chocolate during production runs.

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A.E. Nielsen

Danish-based A.E. Nielsen will be exhibiting its Tempa 420, which represents an integrated solution comprising an enrober and the Tempa 200 tempering machine. The Tempa 420 is suitable for all kinds of enrobing such as total enrobing, partial enrobing, side and bottom enrobing. The tempering unit requires no cooling water and the entire unit can be moved easily between production lines. With a maximum capacity of 200 kg of chocolate an hour, this mobile unit offers the optimum combination of flexibility and power for virtually any pumpable chocolate decoration mass. Despite its modest size, the Nielsen Tempo 420 is a powerful and flexible unit whose design and functionality reflects traditional Nielsen quality.

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