November 5, 2007

Midland Oil & Gas, Inc. Announces Mehmet Arif Yukler As New CEO

LONDON, Nov. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Midland Oil & Gas Ltd., an oil and gas exploration company focused on Central Asia, announced today that its board of directors has appointed Dr. Mehmet Arif Yukler, 60, one of the world's leading experts in hydrocarbon development and extraction, as the Company's new chief executive officer.

Dr. Yukler has 37 years of oil-industry experience and has also served as a top advisor on the exploration and development of energy resources to the governments of Japan, China and Turkey. He has worked on behalf of Integrated Exploration Systems, Julich (Germany), Norsk Hydro, Statoil, Danish Geological Survey, Conoco, Arco, Pennzoil, Turkish National Petroleum Corporation, Austrian National Oil Company (OMV), Petrobras, Maxus, Japan National Oil Corporation, Idemitsu, READ Geological Services, Dow Geochemical Services Inc., Nopec Geophysical Services, Petec Exploration Services, OMNIS (Madagascar), VVNP (Slovakia), ETAP (Tunisia), DOPAS (Denmark), Shengli Oil Company (PRC), Daqing Oil Company (PRC), United Meridien Oil Company and Riso Research Center (Denmark), Shell Oil Company and Frontera Resources.

Robert Murphy, chairman of the board of Midland Oil & Gas stated, "Arif's nearly four decades of practice working in unique drilling situations, and his experience makes him a unique leader in the world of oil and gas exploration and extraction. In light of his unparalleled knowledge of the Caspian region oil and gas deposits, Dr. Yukler was the ideal candidate to lead Midland Oil & Gas."

Murphy continued, "Our Company is wholeheartedly committed to working closely with the government of Turkmenistan to help further develop their oil and gas resources in a sustainable and an environmentally friendly fashion. Dr. Yukler is completely focused on making this vision a reality."

Dr. Yukler stated, "There is no greater opportunity in the world then working with Turkmenistan to help further develop their hydrocarbon resources. I've worked in the Caspian region for decades, and I believe that Midland Oil & Gas is positioned to be a major player in the region for years to come. Leading this unique company will be the capstone to my career."

About Midland Oil & Gas

Midland Oil & Gas Ltd. is a company with roots in Switzerland and the United Kingdom. It was created specifically to explore and develop hydrocarbon deposits in the Caspian Sea region. It is an aggressive, entrepreneurial venture that provides unparalleled experience and expertise in the management of large-scale energy and infrastructure projects to create safe, profitable and environmentally sound industry.

Midland Oil & Gas Ltd.

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