November 13, 2007

Solar Power, Inc. Develops Innovative New Non-Penetrating Roof Mounting System

Solar Power, Inc. ("SPI") (OTCBB:SOPW) is now producing its own innovative photovoltaic ("PV") mounting and racking system. The SkyMountTM system design provides a non-penetrating roof mount alternative to traditional systems that are currently being bolted to the roof in commercial PV system installations. The SkyMount system design not only eliminates problems associated with roof penetrations, it also reduces material costs and is designed to reduce the installation labor cost by reducing the time required for installation. The company expects to realize up to 50% cost savings in material alone. The SkyMount system is expected to be released during the first quarter of 2008.

"We are dedicated to developing new and improved products which cost less, install faster and are superior in design to what is currently available in the market. Our SkyMount system is an example of our commitment to become a differentiated solar solutions provider, and the first of many innovations currently in development," said Steve Kircher, CEO, Solar Power, Inc. "In addition to reducing material costs, this system is light weight, very easy to assemble and will greatly reduce the installation labor required by traditional roof-penetrating racking systems. It is a superior design from every angle. The ultimate beneficiaries will be the commercial clients we are designing, building and installing systems for," Mr. Kircher pointed out.

SPI's SkyMount racking system design also provides excellent panel cooling which helps to optimize solar module performance. The system also features all aluminum and stainless steel construction for superior resistance to harsh environments. Additionally, the design offers flexibility for a wide range of roof and installation variations. SkyMount's tilt angle is available in a range from 5 degrees to 20 degrees to optimize PV output as required by locations. The system can easily be removed for future re-roofing or repair providing excellent lifetime value.

The SPI product engineering team used Finite Element Analysis along with other programs to model the SkyMount's design for strength due to mechanical and wind loading emulating real-world conditions. Moreover, ongoing thermal modeling is employed to seek continual improvements in existing and new product designs for future generations of the SkyMount system. Future generations of the system are currently in the design stage.

About Solar Power, Inc.:

Founded in 2005, Solar Power, Inc. is a vertically integrated solar energy solution provider offering the North American residential, commercial and public sector building markets a complete solution through a single brand. With a state of the art manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China, Solar Power Inc. provides turnkey design-build solutions through its Roseville, California headquarters and a growing retail distribution network.

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