December 5, 2007

BBC Monitoring Quotes From Indonesian Press 5 Dec 07

The following is a selection of quotes from editorials and commentaries published in 5 December editions of Indonesian newspapers available to BBC Monitoring:

Global warming

Surabaya's Jawa Pos: "...The world hopes that the [Bali] meeting, which is attended by 189 countries, will become a starting point to overcome global warming, which has obviously worried people around the world. In this case, Indonesia must be able to contribute positive, brilliant ideas..." (M. Badrus Zaman, lecturer at Surabaya Institute of Technology) (5)

Flight safety

Jakarta's Media Indonesia: "...The Polonia incident [the Polonia airport fires in Medan, North Sumatera, on 1 December] clearly proves that our transportation sector did not comply with the demands of safety standards... But, it is strange when the European Union extended its bans on Indonesian airlines to fly to Europe, Indonesia's officials, including Transportation Minister Jusman Djamal, became angry... The Polonia airport fires also show our narrow perception about flight safety which is interpreted as aeroplane quality only..." (Editorial) (5)

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