Global Energy Drinks 2007 Provides Full Analysis of the World’s Leading Energy Drinks Markets

December 6, 2007

Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c76671) has announced the addition of “Global Energy Drinks 2007″ to their offering.

Zenith’s Global Energy Drinks 2007 report is meticulously researched and is divided into nine main sections. A global market overview provides a full region by region analysis. Thereafter eight regional sections address energy drinks trends and consumption patterns in: North America, West Europe, East Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Australasia, Africa, Middle East. The report tracks 65 countries plus others, across 11 years (6 years historic; 5 year forecast).

Global Energy Drinks 2007 provides full analysis of the world’s leading energy drinks markets, with clear insight and market commentary on the main developments and trends. Comprehensive forecasts plot the energy drinks outlook by country to 2011. Also included is a chronology of developments by region throughout 2007 and 2006, ensuring coverage of the latest energy drink developments.

The global energy drinks market once again saw double-digit growth in 2006, up 17%. Growth was driven by new energising concepts (such as usage of natural ingredients), strong marketing and product positioning, and a push into emerging countries.

The concept of caffeine based ‘body and mind stimulating’ energy drinks originates from Japan and Thailand. Asia Pacific thus remains the leading region, with a 48% share of global volume in 2006. However, its share has now fallen below the 50% mark for the first time in the industry’s history. North America has made particularly impressive volume gains over the last five years (53% CAGR compared with Asia Pacific’s 7%) and now accounts for a growing 29% share of global volume. West Europe represents the third largest regional market, accounting for a 13% share of global volume.

Although energy drinks remain niche within the broader soft drinks category, it is one of the most dynamic soft drink segments and its sustained growth rates are testament to the energy drink concept’s staying power. Red Bull is the undisputed global market leader, yet a broadening of the category and proliferation of brands means that gradually its share is being eroded.

Red Bull does therefore remain the archetypal and iconic energy drink. Other energy drinks companies are formulating products using an array of energy boosting ingredients such as green tea, yerba mat©, and ginkgo biloba, and revitalising ingredients such as vitamin C, schizandra, açaí, ginger and cranberry extracts. Energising beverage formulations that feature many of these ingredients are also encroaching on other drinks segments, such as smoothies, mainstream carbonated soft drinks and iced teas.

Zenith International reports offer you the most reliable market figures and in-depth analysis of trends. This comes from a bottom up approach to the research process, and detailed discussions undertaken with industry players.

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For more information, visit http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c76671.

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