December 21, 2007

To Help Stop Home Space Heater Tragedies, Ohio Fire Captain Tests and Recommends New Fireproof Portable EdenPURE(TM) Infrared Heater

CANTON, Ohio, Dec. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- After spending the last twenty years as a responder with Ohio's fire and emergency medical services, Captain Mike Hornby has seen his share of home fires started by space heaters. Such fires are considered by firefighters as a grim facts-of-life, especially during the cool winter months when the need for supplemental heating in the home is the greatest. Statistics show that every year, electric, gas, and kerosene space heaters combine to trigger more than 25,000 residential fires in the U.S., resulting in some 6,000 thousand emergency room visits and hundreds of fatalities.

So when a nearby company, BioTech Research(R), contacted Captain Hornsby at the firehouse and asked him to evaluate their new "fire-proof" EdenPURE(TM) portable heater, (, Captain Hornby, although curious, was reasonably certain the heater could never completely live up to the company's description of it. Twenty years of experience had taught him there was no such thing as a "fire-proof" space heater.

"I was skeptical, but I decided to put the heater through its paces," said Captain Hornby.

After receiving the EdenPURE(TM), Captain Hornby brought the unit into the fire station during a training night and plugged it in.

"We used three layers of shag carpet to simulate how the heater would operate in the home on a carpeted floor with padding," said Captain Hornby. "Then, after an hour of operation on the carpet, we took our thermal imaging camera and measured the unit's surface temperatures."

To Captain Hornby's surprise, the temperature of the heater's outer surfaces measured between 95 and 98 degrees Fahrenheit - a range below the level of his own body temperature.

"At those temperatures we determined that the EdenPURE(TM) heater would be safe for a child, a pet, or an adult to touch," said Captain Hornby.

Captain Hornby then compared the EdenPURE(TM) to a portable electric coil space heater similar to those usually available at a local discount house or department store. When the electric coil heater was fired up and the thermal imaging camera pointed directly at it, the camera showed the unit to be operating at a blistering 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

"At that temperature, it wouldn't take long for the heater to ignite nearby paper, robes, clothing, or blankets," said Capt. Hornby.

Looking for the maximum temperature generated by the EdenPURE(TM) heater, Capt. Hornby aimed his camera deep down into EdenPURE's(TM) heat exchange chamber and produced a reading of 143 degrees Fahrenheit; a temperature uncomfortably warm to the touch but far below the temperature required to ignite household furniture, drapes, or clothing.

"After running the EdenPURE(TM) through a gamut of tests, I would feel comfortable recommending this heater to my friends, family, and all those who might approach me to ask about this unit," said Captain Hornby.

"The folks at EdenPURE(TM) have not paid me for this endorsement, but they've offered to leave an EdenPURE(TM) heater at the fire station, because we have heating bills too," he added, referring to EdenPURE's(TM) ability to cost-effectively heat homes (and fire stations, too) by using electricity for its operation rather than more expensive energy sources like natural gas and heating oil.

About the Portable EdenPURE(TM) Quartz Infrared Heater (

Using electricity from your wall outlet to generate a soothing infrared light which evenly warms the entire room, the EdenPURE(TM) heater is so safe it cannot harm children, pets, or household items even when they are touching the unit. And because the EdenPURE(TM) can heat a room in minutes, homeowners can save substantially on their heating bills by lowering the temperatures of the rooms they aren't using while keeping the temperature of the room they are using warm and comfortable with their EdenPURE(TM) heater.

The EdenPURE(TM) comes in 2 models. Model 500-XL heats a room up to 300 square feet, and Model 1000-XL heats a room up to 1,000 square feet.

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