January 11, 2008

Directory of Active Mines in Arizona

By Anonymous

2007, Arizona Department of Mines & Mineral Resources, 1502 West Washington, Phoenix, AZ 85007, phone 602-771-1603. $20 plus $6 postage and handling if mailed. The map may be purchased separately for $10, plus $5 postage and handling - The Arizona Department of Mines and Mineral Resources has released the Directory of Active Mines in Arizona - 2007. This year's directory lists 187 companies, operating 402 mines. Accompanying the directory is a 1:1,000,000 scale, color map that includes sand and gravel operations for the first time. For the purpose of this directory, an active mine is defined as a mine in continuous operation, either in production or under full-time development for production. The directory was compiled in late-2006 through mid-2007 by directly contacting the producers. Each listing includes company name, corporate address, phone numbers, Web site, type of operation, number of employees, key personnel, mine names, commodity, location and a brief description of the operation.

The directory's commodity index lists mines and companies for cement, cinders, clay, coal, copper, crushed stone, fertilizer minerals, gemstones, gold, gypsum, lime, limestone/marble, mica, perlite, pumice, salt, sand and gravel, industrial sand, silica, dimension stone, uranium and zeolites. The number of employees varies as greatly as the commodities. The mines have as few as one person working or as many as 3,000.

The directory includes a review of the 2006 Arizona mining industry. Arizona's mineral production value was $6.7 billion. The mining companies listed in the directory employ more than 15,800 people in Arizona. Arizona accounted for more than 63 percent of the U.S. copper production, leading the nation in the production of this commodity as it has for decades. The value of Arizona copper reached $5 billion, driven by prices that broke $4/lb for the first time. Also contributing significantly were strong molybdenum prices and Arizona's large output of sand and gravel. In 2006, Arizona was not only ranked first in copper production, but was also first in pumice, second in molybdenum and gemstones and third in perlite and sand and gravel. Arizona is among the leaders in gypsum, zeolites and dimension stone. Exploration activity for copper and uranium were strong, the latter benefiting from a price that doubled during the year.

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