February 21, 2008

Global Warming Solutions Releases Solar Energy Technologies Presentation

Global Warming Solutions, Inc. (Pink Sheets:GWSO) -- a developer of technologies aimed at mitigating the effects of global warming -- today released a twenty-four page presentation outlining the Company's Solar Energy Technologies.

The Presentation can be found on the "Clean Energy" section of the Company's website or by direct download here:

http://www.globalwarmingsolutions.com/downloads/GWSO%20Solar%20Ene rgy%20Presentation%202008.pdf (Due to its length, this URL may need to be copied/pasted into your Internet browser's address field. Remove the extra space if one exists.)

"We feel that many of our potential partners and investors do not know enough about how each of our technologies works and hope that this presentation will help them understand more about our solar technologies," said Dr. Vladimir Vasilenko, Chief Executive Officer of Global Warming Solutions.

Global Warming Solutions is currently focused on two areas within its clean energy portfolio of technologies: Solar Energy and Wave Energy.

Within Solar Energy, the Company has developed the LETG Technology which can be used to generate electricity and heat in a home, or as a generation technology for power plants. In addition the Company has also developed two optical coatings which increase the efficiency of conventional solar panels by 10-12%.

Recently Global Warming Solutions announced that it was preparing to develop a prototype electricity-generating power plant based on the LETG technology. The plant would be a combination of an LETG with a low-temperature thermal turbine.

The rated levelized cost of developing the LETG Solar Power Plant is projected to be 1.9-2.2 times less than the levelized cost of a conventional Solar Thermal Plant.

A diagram of the LETG Solar Power Plant can be seen by visiting this link: http://www.globalwarmingsolutions.com/images/powerplant_1.jpg

About Global Warming Solutions, Inc.

Global Warming Solutions develops and commercializes technologies that help mitigate Global Warming and its effect on our planet. The Company targets three areas that help reduce the extent of Global Warming and fight issues that have arisen as a consequence: Clean Energy, Carbon Control, and Water Purification. Current climate models predict that global temperatures will rise sharply over the next century. The increase in temperatures can be slowed or eliminated by decreasing the amounts of greenhouse gases released into the Earth's atmosphere. Global Warming Solutions seeks to leverage its experience and management to help make a difference in the fight for climate control.

For more information visit the company website: http://www.globalwarmingsolutions.com

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