April 7, 2008

LXE Solar Announced the Contract With Yunnan Metallurgical Group’s (CYMG) KMYY For Delivery of Trichlorosilane (TCS) Technology to Annually Produce 3,000 Metric Tons of Polysilicon

LXE, the market leader in Trichlorosilane (TCS) technologies for the solar industry, announced today that it had been contracted to provide the TCS process technology to Metallurgical Group's (CYMG) subsidiary KMYY for the annual production of 3,000 metric tons of Polysilicon.

"The growth of LXE and the building of our brand reputation as the most reliable and highest quality technology provider of Trichlorosilane (TCS) is once again acknowledged with an agreement with the very respected CYMG," said Dr. George Xiao, Chairman & CEO of LXE. "Distinct advantages in our offering are our speed in implementation into very complex environments and the level of proven operation experience in TCS technology."

"We selected LXE because they clearly have the finest science and most proven TCS solution to the foundational needs of the solar industry in the making of Polysilicon," said Mr. Ruogu Kang, Vice General Manager of KMYY a subsidiary of CYMG. "We were very impressed with the LXE team and their deep knowledge and experience at each of the critical production processes."

About LXE

LXE, founded by Dr. George Xiao, is the market leader of Trichlorosilane (TCS) technology to the solar industry. LXE's clients include LDK (NYSE: LDK) and CYMG, and current production projects in active construction will manufacture 120,000 metric tons per year of Trichlorosilane to produce 19,500 metric tons of Polysilicon. LXE's TCS technical team is comprised of experts in process design, Polysilicon plant integration, TCS plant commissioning and foundational work. For information visit www.lxesolar.com or contact LXE at [email protected] Prospective partners, contact LXE at [email protected] Media, contact Rick Keating at [email protected]

About CMYG

China-based Yunnan Metallurgical Group (CYMG) is a leading, technologically-advanced, integrated base metals producer located in the Yunnan province of China. It has over 50 years in the natural resources industry and ranks within the top 5 non-ferrous metals and mining companies and the top 300 businesses in China. The company's annual refined production capacities total 400,000 tons of aluminum, 180,000 tons of zinc and 110,000 tons of lead. It has invested approximately US$0.6 billion in its operations over the past five years. YMG has a focused international growth objective that includes the proposed investment of more than US$1.5 billion in natural resources opportunities over the next five years.