April 15, 2008

The YMCA Retirement Fund Implements iQ4bis Reporting and Analytical Solution

iQ4bis Software Inc., a global, software provider that offers an end-to-end business intelligence solution for business managers and executives in midmarket enterprises, today announced that The YMCA Retirement Fund, a not-for-profit church pension fund organized and operated for the purpose of providing retirement and other benefits for employees of YMCAs throughout the United States, has implemented the iQ4bis Analysis and DataServer software suite as its business intelligence solution. Integration with the organization's Microsoft® SQL Server-based proprietary enterprise resource planning (ERP) system was completed in early March.

"We have made a huge leap forward in technology these past eight years," said Elliott Buchholz, chief technology officer for The YMCA Retirement Fund. "Our strategic plan included a long term goal to adopt a business intelligence solution that would enable us to analyze and better understand our customers and their retirement needs, understanding what they are today as opposed to five or ten years ago. We need to be able to recognize these trends and adapt to the changing needs."

"Once iQ4bis completed the proof of concept for our CEO and the business owners, it was immediately apparent that the iQ4bis solution was the right fit for our analytical reporting needs," continued Buchholz. "They delivered on their promise of reasonable cost, rapid deployment and swift return on investment -- something that most solution providers promise, but don't come close to accomplishing."

The YMCA Retirement Fund has been providing retirement benefits for more than 85 years and serves three distinct customer bases - participants, retirees and YMCAs as employers across the United States. The organization utilizes the iQ4bis software suite to analyze data related to each of these groups independently, positioning themselves to quickly adapt to customer needs now and in the future.

"We want to maintain our 85-year legacy, but also need to adapt as our environment changes," continued Buchholz. "We had all of this great data to analyze, but had to rely on traditional IT-based reporting that was labor intensive and only told half the story. With iQ4bis we can ask and answer questions that enable us to provide benefits that hopefully allow our current participants the luxury of retiring as comfortably today as those who retired thirty years ago. "

"The YMCA Retirement Fund first learned about iQ4bis during our seminar on reporting and analytical solutions at the Gartner Summit for chief information officers two years ago," said Siegfried Plommer, chief operating officer and general manager of iQ4bis. "When the time came for them to deploy a business intelligence solution, they came straight to us. That is powerful testimony to our solution and our company, and we are extremely excited to have The YMCA Retirement Fund as a customer."

With the easiest-to-use browser interface in the business intelligence industry, iQ4bis offers a robust, intuitive software solution that helps decision makers understand and identify business trends, variances and issues at their root cause. Using standard Microsoft technologies and platforms, complex data is aggregated on the back end then presented in a simple, easily viewable format through a standard browser interface. Rapid and fixed-price deployments allow midmarket enterprises to realize the value of business intelligence at a fraction of the cost of similar products used by larger companies.

About YMCA Retirement Fund

The YMCA Retirement Fund is a not-for-profit church pension fund, organized and operated for the purpose of providing retirement and other benefits for employees of YMCAs throughout the United States. The Fund sponsors the YMCA Retirement Fund Retirement Plan, which is a defined contribution, money purchase, church pension plan. The Fund also maintains the YMCA Retirement Fund Tax-Deferred Savings Plan, which is a defined contribution, church retirement income account plan. On December 21, 2004, President George W. Bush signed U.S. Public Law 108-47, permanently classifying the plans sponsored by the YMCA Retirement Fund as church plans. The Fund manages over $5 billion in assets and has some 80,000 participants and annuitants.

About iQ4bis Software Incorporated

iQ4bis is an independent software provider with a well-earned international reputation for intuitive business analytics solutions for midsized companies. Recognized for its ease-of-use, flexibility and rapid implementation times, the iQ4bis solution is sold, implemented, and supported through offices in the United States, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and Asia. Recently, growing demand for efficient and effective data warehousing for the midmarket has encouraged iQ4bis to increase efforts in the U.S. A Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, and winner of the "Best Mid-Market Solution Software" at the Gartner Midsize Enterprise Summit1 two years in a row, iQ4bis provides a data source and application neutral analysis, charting and reporting solution for business users including iQ4bis Analysis™ and iQ4bis DataServer™; solutions for a wide variety of ERP systems including Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, NAV, CRM as well as JD Edwards and SharePoint Enterprise Portal Integration. For more information, visit www.iQ4bis.com.

1 Awards presented at Gartner events are voted upon by attendees of the event.