June 15, 2008

Iran Radio Comments on Ukraine’s Turkmen Gas Export Proposal

Excerpt from report by state-run Iranian radio Turkmen service on 13 June

[Presenter] Esteemed listeners, here is our colleague with a report on Turkmen gas export options to Europe.

[Correspondent] Recently, Ukraine's prime minister, Yuliya Tymoshenko, has come up with an idea of the "White stream" gas pipeline project intended to deliver Turkmen natural gas to European countries. Actually, Tymoshenko reiterated the same idea which she had proposed earlier in Brussels, at a meeting of EU member countries.

Under the proposal, Turkmen gas is to be pumped via the Trans- Caspian gas pipeline to Azerbaijan, and then, via Georgia and the Black sea bed, to Ukraine and further on to EU countries. The point is that this route would be of a strategic importance for Ukraine itself. Actually, this country needs Turkmen gas to make itself free from dependence on Russian gas.

At present, Ukraine extracts 20bn cu.m. of gas annually domestically whereas its average demand for gas is about 55bn cu.m. a year.

[Passage omitted: general remarks on Ukraine's gas requirements]

Originally published by Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Gorgan, in Turkmen 1700 13 Jun 08.

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